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Home Committee Committee Minutes Minutes 17th August 2011

Minutes 17th August 2011



The Panborough Inn, 8pm

Present :        Michaela Stevens (Vice Chairman), Janet Avery, Sheila Badman, Nic Drew (Notes), Helen Richardson, Mary Clark, Sharon Tucker, Peter Drew, Carolyn Drew, Jason Scriven, Shirley Keevil, Pat Jackson, Vanessa Becker-Hughes, Ian Blair




Dave Tucker, Ted Hatch, Mary Hatch, Brian Jackson, Edwin Badman, Adrian Hutchison, Yvonne Hutchison, Nick Avery, Ed Drew






Signing of Minutes from previous meeting 29th June     2011


Minutes circulated, read, agreed and duly signed by the Vice Chairman.






Matters arising from Minutes of meeting 18th May 2011

Publicity Officer – Verbal Resignation

It was noted that Peter had not yet been thanked in writing for the many years of service to the committee. Dave Tucker to action.




D Tucker


Show 2011


1. Show Layout

Dave to liaise with Phil and Janet as to the most appropriate layout for the show field. Consideration must be taken of the electrical and water connections required.

2. Children’s Sports

Dave Tucker to approach Duncan Craig to ask if he would be willing to coordinate this event.


3. Dog Show

Jason kindly offered to mow the grassed ring areas required for the dog shows following confirmation of their location in the field.

4. Day Events

Phil Butterworth / Yvonne Hutchison to arrange for floats required.

Day events will include Tractor Rides, Pets Corner, Clifton Jazz Band, inflatables and Bouncy Castle, Skittles, Ice Creams, Country Dancing, Dog Shows.

5. Lunches

Janet confirmed that the meat will now be Turkey, Ham and Fish. Vegetarian options will be available. A choice of 5 salads, bread and cheese will accompany the lunch. Drink will be available to buy. Tickets will be £7.50 and Janet is confident that £2.50 profit will be made from each lunch. Should meat / salad remain following the lunches, this will be used to make sandwiches to sell during the afternoon to accompany the teas. Janet advised that the lunches have been fully costed and will not make a loss.

Please contact Janet or Nick if you are able to assist with serving of lunches / laying of tables etc.

Sharon Tucker agreed to locate and collect the paper rolls required for covering the exhibit and lunch tables.

6. Teas

Nick has been coordinating the organisation of teas via email with various contacts, including the supply of cakes, serving of teas etc. Janet confirmed that all arrangements were in place.

Helen Richardson passed on an offer of help from Shirley Avis. Nick to please advise Shirley as to when she will be required during the afternoon.


7. Toilets

Ray Bennett organising.

8. Grand Draw

Please contact Sharon Tucker if you are able to help sell Grand Draw tickets during Show Day. There are still time slots available on the rota.

9. Bar

Kevin Hynds is happy to help on the bar during the afternoon but is not available during the evening. Volunteers to assist in running the bar during the afternoon and evening are required – please contact Sharon and your name will be added to the rota.

Michaela has ordered ‘Potholer’ from Cheddar Ales. This is to be collected on the Saturday morning.

Sharon to ask The Panborough if they are able to supply Butcombe.

Tesco run required for the bar. Ian Blair happy to collect goods, Sharon will pass drinks list to Ian.

10. Wrist Bands / Tickets

Wrist bands will not be used this year. Instead, Michaela has successfully arranged for 400 tickets to be printed for £15.00. These are now available to purchase. Anyone able to sell tickets should please contact Michaela.

11. Show Gate

Sheila confirmed that Pam Meadows will be assisting on Show Gate during the afternoon. Awaiting confirmation from Trish & Rich Llansberry. Shelia to visit Llansberrys and confirm.

Vanessa kindly offered to decorate the show gate Saturday Morning.

12. Advertisement Boards

Thanks to Dave, Sharon, Michaela, Ian, Mike and Janette for organising and painting the show advertising boards. These are to be erected asap.

13. Day Photographs

Michaela offered to take photographs on the day which will be used for publicity following the show.

14. Generator

Charlie Adcock will be supplying a generator. Sheila offered use of Edwin’s generator as back up if required.

15. Flower Queen

Elizabeth Coulter is organising as per previous years. The Queen will arrive at 2pm to open the show.

16. Evening

Door rota being circulated by Sharon. Please contact if you are able to provide half an hour on the door.

Jason will organise and collect the trailers required for the staging in the main marquee for the evening band.

17. Car Parking

Edwin is unable to assist with car parking this year. Ian Blair has offered to help but another pair of hands would be appreciated.






D Tucker





D Tucker




J Scriven




P Butterworth

/ Y Hutchison














S Tucker







N Avery




R Bennett













S Tucker

I Blair









S Badman



V Becker-Hughes


D Tucker




M Stevens












S Tucker


J Scriven





I Blair

A N Other




Any Other Business

1. Hire of Flower Show Marquee

It has been agreed that the Marquee will be free of charge to Committee Members and Presidents only. All others wanting to hire the marquee for private use will have to pay the standard charge of £200.00. No discount will be given to those living in the parish of Theale.

2. Flower Show Container

The container has been sold for £500.00. The committee are permitted to store their belongings in it until show day, after which time they must be relocated to Mary Sproats for long term storage. Dave will organise a date for the removal of goods and will be in contact with various committee members.

3. Remuneration & Thank-you’s to Helpers

The committee must agree on the approach to be taken regarding payments and thank-you’s.

There are countless helpers who make the day and evening possible. Several of these have helped for many years and it is felt by some that perhaps their assistance has gone un-noted. Following the 2011 show, these outside helping hands must be formally thanked in writing.

This year, it has been necessary to pay for a little assistance as voluntary help has not been forthcoming in certain areas. However, this approach will need to be addressed prior to any further decisions for the 2012 show as if the show cannot run with a volunteer base, it may perhaps be necessary to scale back what the show is trying to achieve.

To be discussed at next meeting.







Date of Next Meeting

5th October 2011

The Panborough Inn, 8pm

Meeting Closed: 9.40pm



The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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