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Home Committee Committee Minutes Minutes 29 June 2011



Jim Sheppard, Adrian Hutchison, Nick Avery, Phil Butterworth, Cathy Butterworth, Carolyn Drew, Peter Drew, Ed Drew







Signing of Minutes from previous meeting 18th May 2011


Minutes circulated, read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman.




Dave advised that a verbal resignation from Peter Stirling had been received and that the role of Publicity Officer would therefore need to be reassigned to an alternative committee member at the November AGM.


Matters arising from Minutes of meeting 18th May 2011







Show 2011


1. Show Layout

A layout for the field is to be agreed and this must accommodate an additional dog show ring for the agility course. The possibility of altering the location of the tea tent was discussed. Dave to liaise with Phil and Michaela as to the most appropriate layout for the show field.

2. Red Cross

Sheila has booked the Red Cross and is now awaiting receipt of the form that must be completed and returned.

3. PA System

Dave confirmed that Steve Patch had been booked to provide the PA system

4. Children’s Sports

Dave Tucker to approach Duncan Craig to ask if he would be willing to coordinate this event.


5. Dog Show

Janet requested that whoever would be responsible for erecting the dog show rings, gazebo, tables and chairs be available to meet the Axe Valley Vet nurses on the Thursday evening before the show to confirm arrangements.

6. Lunches

Janet confirmed that the meat had been organised with Mike Carthy (Ham and Brisket of Beef). Janet will be cooking the meat and this will be served alongside salads. Tickets will be £7.50 and Janet is confident that £2.50 profit will be made from each lunch.

Janet has organised washer-uppers and will be paying them for their assistance.

Janet requested that Ted informs her as to how many Vice Presidents book a lunch when they RSVP to their invitations.

7. Comments Box

Janet suggested that a comments board was erected in the show marquee. It was felt that an anonymous comments box would be more suitable, hoping this would be used for positive suggestions for future shows and constructive comments.

8. Toilets

Dave Tucker to ask Ray Bennett to sort toilets.

9. Grand Draw

Sharon has organised this years Grand Draw. There have been many positive comments made regarding the success of last years balloon race with many asking if it will be running again this year. Sharon advised that she would be tied up with the Grand Draw but that if anyone else would like to organise and run the balloon race she had contact details available.

10. Bar

Dave to liaise with Ray Bennett as to the arrangements for the bar and purchasing drink etc. Dave also asked Michaela to contact Cheddar Ales to see if a deal could be reached on 2-3 barrels of beer. One or two members suggested that John Halliwell might be interested in running the bar.

11. Wrist Bands

These are yet to be located but it is thought that many were left over from 2010




D Tucker






S Badman







D Tucker















T Hatch




Volunteer Required





D Tucker




Any Volunteers??





M Stevens


Social Events

1. Summer Fundraiser: Casino The-ale: 18th June 2011: Report

This event was well attended and even with three tables unsold, a healthy profit of £108.38 was made from the evening. Additional profit exists in the form of left over (unopened) drink and various prizes, which were not used.

Janet will be giving free lunch tickets and free entry to Theale Flower Show 2011 to the evening’s magician to thank him for his time at the event.

Suggestions for future events included selling all tickets in advance, using local venues such as the pub, butchers, paper shop, cafes etc to sell the tickets from.






Any Other Business

1. Wedmore Street Fair

This will be held 2nd July 2011. A rota was organised at the meeting. Alan & Jodie Ellis will be supporting the committee by running the skittle alley. Those who wish to help set up must be in Wedmore by 8.30am.

2. Schedule Printing

The schedules have been printed and Nicola delivered them to Peter Stirling at the start of June.

3. General Help

All committee members are to approach anyone who they know is interested in helping on Show Day and ask them to attend the next meeting (17th AUGUST) so that tasks can be assigned.

4. Flower Show Container

Mary Sproat has kindly agreed that the contents of the Flower Show Container can be stored on her premises.

5. Donations

Sheila and Edwin Badman have very kindly donated £225.00 to Theale Flower Show, collected at their recent Ruby Wedding Anniversary Party. Many thanks were given, with congratulations to them both on this wonderful occasion.

Sheila also donated a further £50.00 that was collected from the annual Morris Men attendance at Garden End Farm. Many thanks once again.

6. Advertisement Boards

It was agreed that board painting to advertise the evening event would take place at Sharon and Dave’s on 11th August at 7.30pm. Anyone who is willing to help is more than welcome to go along.























Date of Next Meeting

17th August 2011

The Panborough Inn, 8pm

Meeting Closed: 9.20pm



The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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