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Home Committee Committee Minutes Minutes 26 January 2011




26th January 2011, The Panborough Inn, 8pm



Ted Hatch (President), David Tucker (Chair), Mary Hatch, Adrian Hutchison, Yvonne Hutchison, Peter Drew, Carolyn Drew, Ed Drew, Nic Drew (Minutes), Helen Richardson, Michaela Stevens, Mary Clarke, Sheila Badman, Nick Avery



Sharon Tucker, Hilary Stirling, Peter Stirling, Janet Avery



Minutes of last meeting (06.10.2010) circulated, read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman.



St Johns Ambulance training information and calendar.




January 26                    Committee Meeting

February 5                    Bagley Orchard Family Wassail

March 11                       Quiz Night (Organised by Adrian)

March 23                       Committee Meeting

April 2                           Skittles Night (Organised by Michaela)

April 23                         Children’s Easter Party

April 29                         Street Party to celebrate Royal Wedding

May 18                         Committee Meeting

June 29                         Committee Meeting

July 2                           Wedmore Street Fair

TBC                              Summer Event

August 17                     Committee Meeting

September 3                 Theale Flower Show 2011

October 5                     Committee Meeting (Post Show Reports)

October 15                    Harvest Supper (Organised by Carolyn)

November 16                AGM 2011

December 10                Christmas Meal (Organised by Carolyn)


2011 SHOW


Peter Drew presented a proposed budget model for the 2011 Show, which soon prompted several initial decisions.

1. A smaller marquee will be hired this year to make a saving, and the bar will be reduced in scale. It was considered prudent that comparable quotes should be obtained for the 2011 marquee, as we have not investigated prices for many years.

2. All alcohol is to be bought on a sale or return basis. May consider selling off surplus alcohol at cost price to members/villagers/village hall committee.

3. It was agreed that lunches will remain in the tea tent (available once again for Judges, Presidents and Villagers) and that afternoon teas would take place in the main marquee.

4. Nick Avery is liaising with Nikki Hatch as to the possibility of the Dog Show expanding in 2011.

5. The Grand Draw is to be reintroduced and is to run alongside a Balloon Race as both were thought to be popular attractions.

6. The schedule must include advice that if produce/items are no longer wanted after show day that they would be auctioned/left for donations after 4pm. The entry process is to pick this area up as well, perhaps giving an option of donation following judging.

7. The cost of schedule printing is to be addressed. DT, ND and MS to each get a quote (with timescales) from their contacts to compare to the existing cost.

8. Double sided A5 flyers are to be produced again this year following success of last years advertising push. Large painted display boards are no longer feasible due to planning / highways restrictions.

9. Evening entertainment is to be addressed, as a change was considered necessary. This may hopefully lead to a reduced ticket price, which may encourage a higher turnout.

10. Evening food will be Pork Joints and Sausages/Burgers to replicate 2010.


Peter was thanked for his proactive work regarding the budget and the committee were keen that an electronic model was produced so that costs can be computed at each meeting, to help guide more informed decisions.



Each committee member must compose and bring a copy of his or her ‘committee job description’  (i.e. what you did and how you did it in 2010, including any resources/stationary) along to the next meeting. These descriptions will be collated so that all members are clear regarding the expectation of the various existing roles. This will also help to identify areas that are not currently covered.

Peter Drew offered to complete the collation and perform a gap analysis.




Quiz Night

To be held on March 11th at The Panborough. Tickets will be £12/head and will include a curry (£6.50 cost price). Yvonne and Adrian to organise and advertise.


Skittles Evening

To be held on April 2nd at The Panborough. Tickets will be £10/head and will include Lasagne and Chips (£6.50 cost price). Michaela to organise and advertise.




Ed Drew has moved the Flower Show Container from show field as it was causing problems for the Badman’s. It is currently therefore at Laurel Farm. This is not an ideal location and an alternative solution must be found. A decision will be made at the next meeting and the container will be made an agenda item.



23rd March 2010, 8pm, The Panborough Inn



Meeting closed 9.50pm



Theale Flower Show



Committee Meeting March 23rd 2011

The Panborough Inn, 8pm


1.            Apologies

2.            Signing of previous minutes

3.            Matters Arising from meeting of 26th January 2011

4.            Flower Show Storage Container

5.            Show 2011

6.            Social Events

a.    2011 Quiz Report (inc. financial info)

b.    Forthcoming Events

7.            Any Other Business




The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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