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Home Committee Committee Minutes Minutes 23rd March 2011

Theale Flower Show

Minutes of Committee Meeting 23rd March 2011

Panborough Inn, 8pm


Present :        Ted Hatch (President), Dave Tucker (Chair), Nic Drew (Notes), Ed Drew, Carolyn Drew, Peter Drew, Hilary Stirling, Peter Stirling, Sharon Tucker, Mary Clarke, Adrian Hutchison, Yvonne Hutchison, Helen Richardson, Janet Avery










Sheila Badman, Nick Avery, Mary Hatch



None received




Matters arising from Minutes of meeting 26th January 2011


1. Position Descriptions

All members of the committee MUST submit a description of their 2010 role to Peter Drew as soon as possible (by the next meeting at the very latest). Peter issued a proforma template to help those who had not completed the task. This work is required to ensure that all areas of the show are covered.

Peter Drew to collate and perform gap analysis.


2. TFS Storage Container

It was agreed that the container will remain at the Drew’s until show day 2011, at which point it will hopefully be relocated to Mary Sproats following Charlie’s move to Ashcott. This is to be agreed with Mary prior to Show Day.
















Show Day 2011


1. Budget

Peter Drew amended and reissued the show budget spreadsheet following comments made at the last meeting. Copies are available from Peter should they be required


2. Schedule Printing

Comparative quotes and timescales required from known contacts.


3. Marquee

Comparative quotes required from marquee companies. VIP marquees and Barney Lee suggested to be approached. Marquee to be booked as soon as possible at smaller size than 2010.


4. Field Activities

-          Dog Agility has been investigated by Sharon. Following committee agreement, Sharon to proceed and book for the morning of Show day (prior to Dog Show).

-          Wells Carnival has been booked to provide rides once again.

-          Classic cars, vintage tractors, tractor rides, tug of war, yard of ale competition, fireworks and potentially wine tasting to be organised.


5. Lunches / Teas

Janet & Nick will be coordinating in 2011 and have decided to cater for a fixed amount and to open up to the general public, therefore disposing with the need to pre-book lunch tickets.

Following an efficiency based request from Janet, the committee agreed that the lunches could run into the teas. The food will be served and eaten in the main marquee, with a partition provided prior to the opening of the exhibition area. It was felt that crockery, cutlery and glasses should still be used for the lunch element.

Janet & Nick to decide if they will require the Tea Tent. Ed & Dave will make use of it for day activities if it is not required by the catering team.

Lunches must be provided for 16-20 judges and should be pre-plated to ensure that judges who over-run are fed.


6. Licenses & Sponsor Prizes

The Grand Draw, Balloon Race and Bar will require a license, with the former also requiring sponsor prizes. Sharon to approach Rachel Bennett to check that she is happy to continue arranging these aspects of Show Day.









N.Drew /













D.Tucker /







N.Avery /













Show Evening 2011


1. Musical Entertainment

It has been agreed that a ‘big band’ will not be booked this year.

Disco entertainment will be provided by ‘SupaEntertainments’ (The Panborough). Phil / Jason to be approached and booked. Limit of £500.00 to be spent on disco and associated equipment.

A smaller scale artist may be considered to provide additional entertainment. Costs required. Contacts available from The Panborough.


2. Food

Roast pork joints, sausages and burgers to be provided as per 2010. To be discussed and arranged with Mike Carthy.


3. Drink

Scaled down bar to be erected and individual(s) to be identified and approached to run the bar.


4. Visual / Activity Entertainment

It was agreed that we should provide something for people to do at the evening event, particularly as it was felt that locals needed to be drawn back in. Ideas proposed included darts, skittles, pool, casino, horse racing, ferret racing, mouse racing, and donkey derby. How this would be manned/organised would also need to be considered. Ed and Dave offered to organise this element of show evening.

Ideally the activity needs to be finalised prior to printing of the schedule.













D.Tucker /












D.Tucker /



Social Events


1. Quiz Night

Many thanks to Adrian and Yvonne for organising this very well received and attended evening. A profit of £254.50 was made, including £65.00 from the raffle.


2. Forthcoming Skittles Evening – 2nd April

Michaela is coordinating this event. £10.00 a ticket to include lasagne and chips. Please get names to Michaela as soon as possible to book a place.


3. Summer Event – 18th June

Janet suggested the theme of ‘Midsummer Madness/Magic’. Principal organiser to be confirmed.

Sharon agreed to organise the bar license for this event.

















Any Other Business


1. Royal Wedding Celebrations 29th April 2011

Helen, Ted, Mary Clarke, Graham Dandy and Bernard Coulter have discussed the possibility of a village celebration based at the village hall to mark this national occasion. The idea was presented at the last village hall committee meeting and members were enthusiastic to join forces with the other groups in the village to achieve such an event.

It was agreed that Ted and Helen would coordinate this event with Bill Woodroffe and other members of the Village Hall Committee and T.A.R.T.S. The event will be family orientated, will commence late afternoon and would be non-profit making. Additional ideas included presenting a commemorative item to the children of the village, for example a mug, plate or coin and also tying in the children’s Easter party with the event.


2. Wedmore Street Fayre

Sharon to enquire with Street Fayre organiser as to whether TFS would be able to set up a skittle alley to form our stall at the event. 2011 theme is ‘Pirates’.


3. Committee Member Contact Details

Updated list of member details requested by committee members.













T.Hatch /











Date of Next Meeting


Next meeting to be held:

Wednesday 18th May 2011 at The Panborough Inn, 8pm



Meeting closed at 9.45pm













Theale Flower Show



Committee Meeting March 23rd 2011

The Panborough Inn, 8pm


1.            Apologies

2.            Signing of previous minutes

3.            Correspondence

4.            Matters Arising from meeting of 23rd March 2011

5.            Wedmore Street Fayre

6.            Show Day

7.            Show Evening

8.            Social Events

a.    2011 Skittles Report (inc. financial info)

b.    Summer Event

9.            Any Other Business



The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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