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Home Committee Committee Minutes AGM 2010



24th November 2010, 8pm

The Panborough Inn



President Ted Hatch, Chairman David Tucker, Hilary Stirling, Peter Stirling, Helen Richardson, Pat Jackson, Brian Jackson, Adrian Hutchison, Yvonne Hutchison, Mary Clarke, Mary Sproat, Michaela Andrew, Ed Drew, Carolyn Drew, Peter Drew, Mary Hatch, Sheila Badman, Nic Drew (Minutes), Nick Avery, Janet Avery, Kathy Butterworth, Bill Woodruff (part)



Rachel Bennett, Ray Bennett, Phil Butterworth, Jackie Scriven, James Sheppard, Sharon Tucker



Minutes of the previous AGM circulated, taken as read with one amendment, agreed and duly signed by Chairman David Tucker.



David Tucker delivered his Chairman’s Report for 2009-2010. Please see full report below:


“This is my fourth year as a committee member with Theale Flower Show and I am still amazed at how much this small committee achieves.

We held fundraising social events throughout the year, which have been well attended. We had a full house at the 2009 Christmas Meal and in the spring, a lot of us brainy lot came together for the annual quiz, a very well run evening thanks to Michaela. As it turned out, my team were not quite as brainy as I had been lead to believe!


The skittles evening followed a month later and although not as well attended as in previous years, those who went had a great evening with great food as always from the Panborough Inn. Congratulations to Mel and Mike who prevented myself and Sharon from taking home the trophies once again!

Our summer social was a huge success with the western themed evening proving popular. The fish and chip supper and line dancing entertainment went down a treat. Many thanks again to Michaela and others who made this a truly special event.


Our stall at Wedmore Street Fair kept everyone busy with a lucky dip, face painting and selling tickets in anticipation of the balloon race, programmed for Show Day. Thanks to all those who helped to organise and run the stall with particular thanks to Jody Ellis for running the lucky dip.

The tea tent and skittle alley was hired out on several occasions and this has earned the committee a significant amount of money over the last year thanks to a small team. I would like to thank Alan Ellis and Chris Maunders particularly for all their hard work with this aspect, as they are not committee members yet they are always willing to set up the tent and alley.


Show day itself was a successful, sunny day with record numbers attending. A high number of entries and produce with plenty going on in the field including the arrival of the Sea-King helicopter from Yeovilton, later followed by the spectacular release of the balloons all made for a very special and different day. The winning balloon made it all the way to County Durham!

The evening event, although poorly attended, was thoroughly enjoyed by those who were able to make it. Unfortunately for the Show, there were several other events taking place on the same evening, which left numbers thin on the ground. However, the decision to move away from the full pig roast to burgers, sausages and pork proved very popular and was successful.

Some of the evening food was left over for the BBQ kindly provided once again by Mary and Ted on the Sunday. This was a relaxing end to a very busy week, thank you to you both.

Since the Show, we have had our annual Harvest Supper, which again was very well attended. Light after-dinner entertainment was kindly provided by Trevor Hunt. Thank you to Michaela for organising once again.


A final thank you to the whole committee for all you have done throughout the year. I won’t name everyone individually because you know who you are and what you have done, but I will say that without such a dedicated team effort, Theale Flower Show would not be possible. Please give yourselves a round of applause and best wishes for the coming year.



Peter Drew presented the secretary’s report for 2010 summarising as follows:

The standard of entries was once again very high, with great support received from the judges. Helens time spent cultivating the relationship with the judges is particularly beneficial and their support should not be taken for granted.

To reiterate what was reported at the last Committee Meeting, Peter explained the successes of 2010 alongside areas for improvement in 2011.

Total Number of Entries at 2010 TFS: 973



Hilary Stirling presented the annual accounts that were submitted to the Committee for approval. David Tucker proposed that the accounts were approved, seconded by Helen Richardson.

A copy of the annual accounts will be available from Hilary by request.



President                                 Ted Hatch                               Proposed P. Drew                   Seconded M. Andrew

Chairman                                                David Tucker                           Proposed C. Drew                   Seconded H. Richardson

Vice Chairman                        Michaela Andrew                   Proposed D. Tucker                 Seconded H. Richardson

Treasurer                                                Hilary Stirling                          Proposed M. Clarke                 Seconded M. Andrew

Asst Treasurer                        Yvonne Hutchison                   Proposed M. Hatch                 Seconded N. Drew

Entry Admin Team                  H. Richardson / P.Drew /       Proposed M. Clarke                 Seconded D. Tucker

C.Drew / K. Butterworth /

P. Butterworth / N. Drew

Social Events Team                                See below                               Proposed Hilary Stirling          Seconded Y. Hutchison

Quiz Night Organiser              A. Hutchison

Skittles Night Organiser         M. Andrew                             

Summer Event                        TBC

Childrens Easter Party            TBC

Harvest Supper                       C. Drew

Christmas Meal                      C. Drew

Show Field Day                     D. Tucker / E. Drew              Proposed T. Hatch               Seconded S. Badman

Show Day Entertainment    Sharon tucker                       Proposed M. Andrew          Seconded S. Badman

Minutes Secretary               Nicola Drew                          Proposed D. Tucker             Seconded C. Drew

Correspondence                  Sheila Badman                      Proposed H. Stirling             Seconded N. Drew

Catering Coordinator          N. Avery / J. Avery               Proposed H. Stirling             Seconded M. Clarke

Sponsorship Secretary        Rachel Bennett                     Proposed M. Hatch              Seconded M. Clarke

Publicity & Schedule           P. Stirling/N. Avery              Proposed H. Stirling             Seconded M. Hatch Village Hall Rep.                                Mary Clarke                     Proposed H. Stirling             Seconded M. Hatch

Licensed Bars                       B. Woodruff                          D. Tucker to confirm

Evening Entertainment       M. Andrew                            Proposed D. Tucker             Seconded N. Drew






1.         Sheila suggested that the Committee might like to investigate the possibility of hiring out the show marquee in the evening in order to secure a guaranteed income. This was met with several concerns including issues regarding insurance, the required vacation of the tent to enable evening use by others and hire of the bar.


2.         A card had been received from Laura and David Richardson to thank the Committee for their kindness with respect to the tent, which had been borrowed forming part of their wedding reception.


3.         David and Janet Neale had inadvertently been taken off the Vice Presidents list. They are to be reinstated with immediate effect.


4.         Joanna Browett will be taking a year out from the Committee.

Shirley Avers (Stone Roses) will be joining the Committee.


5.         Sheila to forward a cheque for £100.00 to St Johns Ambulance, as agreed by the Committee.


6.         Dave and Ed to contact Edwin Badman to enquire as to the possibility of storing the Show container in his field and to also ask for use of his field for Theale Flower Show 2011, with priority being the main road field.


7.         The 2010 Christmas meal will be held at The Panborough Inn on Saturday 11th December. Please advise Michaela of menu choice if you will be attending.


8.                  David Tucker confirmed that the £200.00 Rosemary Fisher donation had been used to purchase a new set of pins for the skittle alley.





16th November 2011, 8pm at The Panborough Inn



26th January 2011, 8pm at The Panborough Inn




Meeting Closed 9.30pm








The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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