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Home Committee Committee Minutes Minutes 6 October 2010




6th October 2010, The Panborough Inn, 8pm



Ted Hatch (President), David Tucker (Chair), Mary Hatch, Ray Bennett, Peter Stirling, Hilary Stirling, Yvonne Hutchison, Peter Drew, Carolyn Drew, Nic Drew (Minutes), Helen Richardson, Shirley Keevil



Matt Drew, Ed Drew, Rachel Bennett, Sheila Badman, Sharon Tucker, Mike Carthy, Adrian Hutchison, Mary Clark



Minutes of last meeting (17.08.2010) circulated, read, agreed and duly signed by the Chairman.



Courses and Events brochure received from ‘Vista’ aimed at the voluntary and community sectors. Vista provides ‘learning and development that makes a positive difference to individuals, organisations and communities’. Latest courses can be found at



Phil Butterworth set up the domain names for Theale Flower Show and Theale Players websites two years ago and was happy to sponsor (pay for) domain names for the first two years. They are however now up for renewal and will cost £11.81 each to continue with. Phil has asked if the Committee would be happy to reimburse him for £23.62 when they come up for renewal in November. Committee agreed unanimously to continue with the websites and are pleased to reimburse Phil when the time comes. Phil to please contact Hilary direct.

In discussion, the question was asked of how many ‘hits’ the site has had since its inception. Nicola to enquire.

Post Committee Meeting Update from Phil Butterworth:


“Since the site started 2nd March 2008 we’ve had 7,340 hits from 498 unique visitors (individual people!) with a sharply upward trend in 2010.   For comparison, the Theale Website ( during the period from its inception in early 2009 to now is 20,560 hits from 1,947 unique visitors.  So for a limited site the stats are very good – and they’re increasing, in line with many more people happy to work “online”.

Apart from the home page, the most popular are the flower show reports each year together with committee minutes, which account for nearly 40% of hits and unique visitors.  There is always an upsurge of visitors during August and September for obvious reasons; this year 112 unique visitors looked at the online Entry System  (although only 15 people finally booked their entries through it)”.



 Show Day this year went very well with adult attendance hitting the 600 mark, with 108 visitors entering the field before 1.30pm.

Hilary Stirling issued copies of the show financial report to those present at the meeting. If you would like to see a copy, please contact Hilary direct.


The winner of the balloon race was Chris Whiting whose balloon travelled all the way to Shildon in Co. Durham, some 300miles away! A total of 15 tickets were posted back including some from Birmingham and Swindon.



Entries totalled 973 in 2010 from 189 entrants, compared to 767 entries in 2009. This was an extra 206 entries, which provided an increase in entry numbers of an impressive 27%. 100 households outside the parish were sent schedules by post. Thanks to Carolyn and Peter Drew for funding this and taking the time to complete the task.

Highlights of the 2010 entry process: Entry evenings were well attended; the computerised system worked well; prize cards were improved this year; the tent opened on time, and the online entry system was launched.

Items to action for 2011 include: Online entry process to be more user-friendly; Highly Commended cards to be computerised and printed in 2011; an increased late item fee required to deter late entries as there were approx 120 this year, and the implementation of a more efficient process to deal with late entries necessary.


The 973 entries for 2010 are broken down as follows:


223 entries were received from Wedmore; 87 from Bagley; 59 from Latcham; 37 from Glastonbury; 25 from Mudgley; 12 from Manchester, with the remainder from Theale.

Open classes received 575 adult entries, which accounted for 59% of the overall entry figure.

Parish classes received 142 adult entries, which accounted for 15% of the overall entry figure.

A total of 256 children’s entries were received, accounting for 26% of the overall entry figure.


Thanks were given to Phil and Kathy Butterworth and Dave Whitmarsh in their absence for all the help received prior to and on Show Day itself with the entry process.

The aspiration for 2011 entries as expressed by Peter Drew is to see an increase entry numbers by at least 25%.

Thanks also to Jacqui Scriven for the idea of using rolls of cellophane to protect the baked goods following judging, and to Peter Drew for performing the task.



Show evening attendance figures were down this year, with just over 100 people present. Unfortunately for the show, three other major events were planned for the same evening including two local weddings and a 50th birthday party. However, the entertainment was very much enjoyed by those who made it to the evening part of the show. Supaentertainments of Panborough and Penfold of London did a fabulous job with providing an evening of music.


Initial ideas for the 2011 show evening included entertainment by a local youth band, mouse racing, a sit down meal and an evening auction of vegetables/fruit as left over from the Day.



It was considered appropriate by the Committee that a budget plan was required for 2010-2011 as suggested by Peter Drew in order to plan the way forward for next years show, to know what funds are available and how these will be allocated.

A financial meeting is to be set up following the closing of the AGM meeting when all officers have been appointed in their posts.




Harvest Supper

The next event will be the Harvest Supper, which will be an evening Roast Dinner held on Saturday 16th October at The Panborough Inn. Tickets £13.00 and the speaker for the evening will be Trevor Hunt. Please contact Michaela who is coordinating this event if you would like to attend. If you would like to donate a raffle prize, please bring this along to the evening.


Christmas Meal

The Christmas meal will be held at the Panborough Inn on 11th December 2010. Michaela will be coordinating and will need numbers and menu choices by 1st December.






AGM 24th November 2010, 8pm, The Panborough Inn



Meeting closed 9.00pm


The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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