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Home Committee Committee Minutes Minutes 12 March 2018

Theale Flower Show Committee Meeting Minutes

 Monday 12th March 2018

Present : Lesley Luke ,  Jan Avery,  Mary Clark, Phil and Cathy Butterworth, Ted Hatch, Yvonne Hutchison and Jackie Scriven

Apologies:    Sheila and Edwin Badman, Pete and Carolyn Drew, Trev and Joyce Hunt, David Luke, Mary Hatch, Pat Jackson and Adrian Hutchison






Welcome and apologies for absence



Minutes of last meeting were agreed and accepted by the committee and signed by Phil Butterworth



Matters arising from minutes – It was decided that the use of EB’s other field was unlikely.

PB has yet to speak to Trev Hunt regarding the negotiating of terms with the providers of road crossing management.

The mobile toilet has not yet been booked.

The Bar will be covered later in the meeting.



PB to speak to Trev H



PB to book mobile toilet



Unfilled committee places -  

Juliette Chou, who is new to the village, has been asked if she would consider joining the committee and she has said she will think about it. Mr and Mrs Fox were also approached but were more interested in the idea of a whole village initiative.




Treasurer’s update :

Yvonne Hutchison reported that the current account was at £5608.38 and the reserve acc £6046.68

The new VPs Ray and Rachel Bennett have given a donation to the funds.



Committee updates

a.      Social committee still to organise a meeting

b.      Admin – nothing further to add

c.       Site –

Barnie Lee has quoted the same as last year for marquees

Venue – Field to left of church is feasible providing the Church is happy to allow us access over the wall, TH thought it was a possibility. Tony Coles has quoted a cost of £400 to install steps and handrails

Other possibility is Dave Bodley’s orchard where an L shaped marquee could work, (Cost of marquee would be the same) in such a case the Dog show would have to be located at top of orchard or JA suggested we could ask Bill Woodroffe if we could use his land.

Ted Hatch confirmed that the Parish is happy for the church to be used again.

The deposit of 10% for the marquee will need to be paid.




2018 show

a.      Celebrate – Could we have copies of any photos of past shows that people might have? JA will put a notice in Wedmore News asking for any Pictures or memorabilia. PB to ask Helen Richardson if she has past copies of schedules which we could borrow

b.      Which Venues – see above

c.       Length of day previously agreed

d.      Road crossing – Trev H to negotiate. In addition TH volunteered Sheep hurdles to narrow crossing area

e.      See above

f.        Nothing new at this stage

g.      Bill Woodroffe to organise bar depending on May event

h.      NA organising

i.        Children’s activities – YH wondered if Sian Landers might take on the task PB to ask. JA will also approach new family in Crate Farm

j.        Entertainment – Ceilidh Bernard (Somerset Levellers) is available for £400

7 -9 Tickets £5 children free

k.       Attraction JS to research Bouncy Castle




JA notice in Wedmore news


PB speak HR















JA speak to Crate farm family




JS bouncy castle


Refurb of cups – Cathy Butterworth gave a breakdown of the report from Premier Trophies, including costs. YH suggested that the original cup donors could be approached, however CB thought this unnecessary as not many involved so little saving!

CB proposed refurbishment at cost of £613 and asking for all cups to be returned early.

The committee agreed.







CB to organise refurb


2018 Show schedule –

a.      CB et al have looked at all classes and amended some and introduced some new classes : Pottery and grow own Fuchsia. An entry will go in the Wedmore News that plugs can be collected from Theale café on 21st April. JS will research best supplier- Sweets, Wyvale or Rocky mountain nurseries. Approx £1.30 each and it was thought between 20 and  30 plugs would be needed. If no sponsors Mary C offered to pay for the plugs. Jan Tomes has again agreed to run a pottery workshop for children in the village hall on 4th August. Ted H wondered if Jan would do a demo at the show and CB agreed to ask her.Ted’s taters are still on the schedule. Jackie S asked whether children’s classes should be charged but PB explained that in the past we were trying to attract more children to the show which is why we don’t charge, and it was agreed to carry on without charging but we should look at the issue again next year.

b.      Printers – CB to ask BWW printers at Bridgewater.

c.       Distribution – same as last year

d & e. Fuchsia competition and Jan Tomes pottery see above

f.     Sponsors – Nick and Jan Avery have it in

       hand, there was some discussion about

       asking for more money from sponsors

       but PB proposed that it stay as previous

       year and review each year in the future.

      The deadline for sponsors is by the End

      of May.









JS research Fuchsia plugs









CB to speak to Jan Tomes


















Theale Flower Show and proposed amalgamated Theale Village Committee – An event is to be held on 20th May – free tea and cake  Invitations to be delivered by hand. Email lists will need permission to use name of Theale village. Proposed re introduction of Theale link – newsletter on monthly basis. The next meeting for this is in early April.



No correspondence



AOB  Ted Hatch proposed starting a new tradition in the village possibly called “Apple Blossom Flower Day” around 10th May. Could be a fund raising event for Village committee, PB to take to committee.

Wedmore street fair – 7th July it was proposed that a site should be booked dependant on finding sponsor for raffle and Rachel Bennett will be approached about this. NA to book if we go ahead.


Date of next meeting 30th April in Village hall at 8.00




The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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