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Home Committee Committee Minutes Minutes 16-3-2017

Theale Flower Show Committee Meeting

Minutes Thursday 16th March 2017

Present : Carolyn and Pete Drew, Lesley and David Luke ,  Nick Avery,  Mary Clark, Phil and Cathy Butterworth, Yvonne Hutchison, Sheila Badman, Mary Hatch and Jackie Scriven

Apologies :  Adrian Hutchison, Dave and Sharon  Tucker, Edwin Badman, Ted  Hatch, Trev and Joyce Hunt, Jan Avery and Colin and Karen Fox






Welcome and apologies for absence



Minutes of last meeting were agreed and accepted by the committee and signed by Carolyn Drew.



Matters arising-  All will be covered during the meeting




Treasurer’s update – PB has had deposit for Marquee

Balance on account £4551.65






Sub committee and ad hoc committee updates:

a)      Social and catering – The social committee are proposing to have a quiz night in June, a coffee morning/ flower arranging demo Monday 3rd July and A Harvest supper with speaker on 18th November

b)      Admin- Cathy Butterworth has drafted a schedule after consulting various people and has emailed it to Jan and Nick for their input re sponsorship, so all on track


It was agreed that cups will be presented at 5pm


It was agreed that entry money, prize money and free children’s entry remain as last year,

It was suggested that a thank you letter be sent to judges explaining that it is Helen’s last year and as a result the committee will review the judging requirements for next year.


Yvonne H cautioned that we should not change all the current judges in order to have some continuity.





















Letter to Judges – Carolyn?


2017 Show

a)      Venues- PB has ordered all tents and has met with Edwin to ensure he is happy about the use of his field. CD has spoken to Trev Hunt and he is happy for his track to be used again for access.

b)      Road crossing – This is the same as last year but will need to be renegotiated for next year’s show. The crossing will be manned between 12 and 6

c)      Electrics – PD has spoken to Molly Rossiter regarding the use of electricity from church, an extension cable would run from the church and the Flower Show will pay for any electricity used and also take responsibility for any problems that might arise. CB asked how we would measure the amount of electricity used and it was explained that there is a visible meter which PB will read before and after the show.          

PB has found the armoured cable used in the past which will need to be PAT tested at a cost of between £20-£25. Molly has a key to the church which we can use for access.

d)      Toilet Hire – Burnham toilet hire same as last year – One in Church car park

e)      Catering – Currently no update

f)       Bar – CD explained that Matt Drew is happy run the bar with the help of Dave Tucker

g)      Dog Show – Nick A explained that at present the usual organisers are not available. A number of ideas were suggested – Sue Mosedale? Paws Ability, CB will speak to Tony Rewston to see if he has any suggestions for judges etc.

It was emphasised that it would be a Companion Dog Show

h)      Children’s activities – Lesley explained that Carrie Large was happy to run children’s activity provided there are others to help. Liz Coulter is happy to run a craft activity similar to the one last year.

Jackie Scriven has contacted Mendip Bouncy Castles who quoted £150 to include a supervisor and full insurance. CD suggested that the Flower Show could subsidise to keep ticket prices down (Possible sponsorship?) NA suggested “Lions” might be able to help with money or alternative activities. PB will follow up and liaise with JS.

i)        Entertainment – Sheila Badman has booked the Barnacle Buoys, time and costs to be arranged. SB still to contact Tom Wilcox ,(in discussing costs it was mentioned that he charged £40  last year but also donated £20 back to Flower Show) the committee clarified that the entertainment should start at 5.30 for about 45 -60 mins with TW and from 6.45 who ever else is booked, also for 45- 60 mins. JS mentioned that she has spoken to Tom Wilcox and he will speak to his contacts to see if he can find any alternatives. SB has not had any success in contacting Sam Garrison? JS also mentioned that neighbours of her parents have entertained at venues in Cheddar.

j)        St.John’s Ambulance – SB explained that it is not SJA but AMASS who provide first aid cover at a charge of £140

k)      Flower arranging Demonstration – Mary Clark will confirm with Jean Tincknell that she will do a demo at 2.30 and could she do something other than church flowers.

l)        Raffle tickets – Same as last year with Sharon Tucker to organise.























PB to arrange PAT tesrt on Cable













Some research needed

CB talk to Tony R















PB to contact Lions and speak to JS





SB to contact Tom Wilcox?

















Mary Clark to speak to Jean Tincknell




ST to arrange raffle tickets





Wedmore Street Fair – 1st July Nick Avery, Mary Clark, Helen Richardson and Cathy Butterworth are all able to man the stall. NA to book pitch, probable cost £22



NA to book Wedmore St Fair


Vice presidents Review – PB once again explained his ideas regarding changes to the present VPs system and that any changes would need to be discussed at the AGM later this year if the constitution needs to be modified. PD suggested that prior to the AGM thorough notification to whole of village will need to happen. PB will bring finalised proposal to next meeting and PB  will consult all Vice Presidents before the next meeting.

PD suggested that there should be a definitive list of those eligible to vote for any changes in the constitution, CD suggested that the minutes of the last two years be used to collate a list of attendees in order to compile a list of Flower Show Members







PB to finalise his suggestions for VP reform

PB to speak to VPS




CD/LL to compile list


Correspondence – Yvonne H has  had another letter from the bank asking what the nature of our business is even though Carolyn had replied to the last letter.

Lesley Luke received an email from Colin Fox stating that they no longer wish to attend meetings but could help on occasions if needed.




AOB - None



Date of next Meeting  - Monday 22nd May ,8.00 pm at Village Hall

The meeting closed at 21.24




The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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