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Home Committee Committee Minutes Minutes 11th July 2016

Minutes 11th July 2016


Theale Flower Show Committee Meeting

Minutes Monday 11th July 2016

Present : Carolyn and Pete Drew, Lesley and David Luke ,  Jan Avery,  Sheila Badman, Ted and Mary Hatch, Mary Clark and Karen Fox

Apologies :  Yvonne and Adrian Hutchison, Edwin Badman, Brian and Pat Jackson,  Dave and Sharon  Tucker,  Colin Fox, Phil  and Cathy Butterworth and Trev and Joyce Hunt





 Welcome & Apologies



Minutes of last meeting were agreed and accepted by the Committee and signed by Carolyn Drew.



Matters arising-  a) Supplier and quantity of staging. Staging is being supplied by B&B marquees not Mid Somerset Catering Supplies as previously stated. Carolyn will contact Phil B to find out how much has been ordered.

b) PB requested help for electrics on show day, David Luke volunteered to act as back up.




CD to contact PB


Treasurer’s update – In Yvonne’s absence David Luke reported the current balances:

Current A/c             £   4,892.94

Business Reserve   £   6,043.81

Total                         £ 10,936.75

The Wedmore Street Fair raised £225 from raffle tickets



Sub committee updates:

a)      Social and catering – The planned wine tasting evening is to be held on 12th November, Cathy Butterworth has a contact for the sommelier.

Lesley Luke requested that the following Sub-Committee Chairs notify her regarding who will receive a free lunch – Field organiser, Admin organiser and Catering. In addition the people manning the gate for the day will also receive free lunch. There will be a reduced cost of £5 for lunch for committee members, any other lunches requested will be charged at £7.50, with the exception of the Vice Presidents’ lunches which will be at cost.

Lesley will ask for salads to be made by various volunteers again as well as requests for cakes. Karen Fox volunteered to make a cake. Yvonne Hutchison has kindly volunteered to make the scones for cream teas again. As Molly Rossiter is unable to arrange supply of cream this year it will be purchased from Lidl.

Cakes to be delivered to Jan Avery for storage in her garage or to the village hall on the day.

Meat will be purchased from Hector’s

b)      Admin –  Printing - St.Andrew’s Press printed 500 schedules at a cost of £150. Country Print will print the prize cards.

A letter to the Judges has been sent out  inviting them to lunch asking for replies by 7th August.

CD to check with PB that class lists for this year will be on the website.






Field organiser and Admin to contact LL with names for free lunch










LL to email for salads and cakes










LL to order meat







CD and PD to Liaise with PB


2016 Show

a)      Road crossing – 8.30 -12.00 Dave and Mark to cover, 12.00 -6.00 covered by contractor

b)      Risk Assessment – Some amendments have been made by CD, the new risk assessment will be signed by CD and NA before show day. A paragraph regarding mitigation of fire risk to be added.

c)      Catering -

BBQ – Karen Fox indicated that she and Colin are happy to man the BBQ again this year. It was suggested that we buy 100 each of burgers and sausages and 50 pieces of bacon.

Ice cream – Helen Baker nee Badman

Freezer – Ask Cathy and Bill if we can borrow a freezer again

d)      Children’s Activities-

Elizabeth Coulter has agreed to run a craft area

Karen Dawkins had agreed to organise children’s activities and Karen Fox is happy to liaise (update Karen Dawkins has now said she is unable to do this!)

e)      Entertainment

i)                    Buskers – Sheila to organise

Barnacle buoys 3.30 – 4.15

Tom Wilcox       5.30 – 6.30

Sam ?                6.45 – 8.00

ii)                  Hopefully Liam will play the organ in church

iii)                Compere – Carolyn to ask Adrian Hutchison if he will do it this year

f)       Attractions

i)                    Flower demo – CD was unable to organise so Mary Clark will ask Jean Tincknell if she could do a demo at 2.30 for 45 minutes

ii)                  Scouts – CD will speak to Bill Belshaw

g)      Display Boards -PB to be asked if he has purchased any, if not Jan Avery thought she might be able to borrow from University.

h)      Flower Queen and attendants

i)Organiser –Karen Fox is happy to do it and she will try to get more volunteers to take part, she will email as many in village as possible using the list that Nick Avery has.

ii) Transport – CD to discuss with Trev Hunt and Dave Tucker

i)        Car parking and access to Northload Lane – Committee agreed that we should use same system as last year if Trev Hunt permits access.

j)        Vehicular signage – Position signs so that they are more clearly visible by approaching traffic.

In addition CD to contact S&D Tucker re painting signs, also can Sharon arrange licence if not Nick A can do.








CD and NA to sign







KF to purchase Meat




LL to speak to C and B re freezer












SB to organise




Ask Liam??


CD to speak to AH




MC to speak to JT





CD speak to BB



Email PB






KF to canvas village



CD speak TH/DT




CD to speak to TH





ST to arrange licence





Storage space

– Due to a change in circumstances we are looking for additional storage space. 

Mary Clark thought she might be able to help, Pete Drew will meet with her to discuss further. Dave Tucker suggested that we sell the newest marquee and replace with one which has a trailer for storage and transport, with proviso that it is easier to assemble as the current marquee needs at least 6 men.




PD to meet MC



Marquee repairs - As the marquee had not

been used recently it was agreed to assess       the situation when setting up for show and to discuss at next meeting.


Discuss at Next meeting


Wedmore Street Fair - £225 taken for raffle tickets




Correspondence - An email was received from Trev Hunt and the points raised were discussed at the meeting, CD will speak to Trev about the response.


CD to speak to TH



AOB – A very generous, anonymous donation

has been made to cover the road crossing costs.


Dave Bodley’s Orchard – Pete Drew will

speak to Dave about preparation and

assistance needed sometime towards the

end of August?


The dog show site will also need some







PD to speak to DB




Site Prep??



Date of next meeting– Site meeting 30th

August at 6.30pm, as many as possible to help put up marquees


Next committee meeting Monday 17th Oct

8.00 pm in Village Hall





PB to Book hall





The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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