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Home Committee Committee Minutes Minutes 17th October 2016


Theale Flower Show Committee Meeting

Minutes Monday 17th October 2016

Present : Carolyn and Pete Drew, Lesley and David Luke ,  Jan  and Nick Avery,  Edwin and Sheila Badman, Ted Hatch, Mary Clark, Dave Tucker, Phil and Cathy Butterworth and Jackie Scriven

Apologies :  Yvonne and Adrian Hutchison, Sharon  Tucker and Trev and Joyce Hunt

Carolyn opened the meeting by paying tribute to Pam Meadows who sadly passed away after a short illness. Pam was a tireless supporter of the Flower Show for many years and she will be greatly missed. Her funeral is to be held on November 2nd at 1.00 in Christchurch Theale.






Welcome and apologies for absence



Minutes of last meeting were agreed and accepted by the committee and signed by Carolyn Drew.



Matters arising-  All will be covered during the meeting




Treasurer’s update – In Yvonne’s absence David Luke presented a spread sheet of the accounts for Show day, the takings were down by £618 on the previous year mainly attributed to bad weather. Expenses were slightly up due to the purchase of blank prize cards (1st, 2nd & 3rd) .The resulting loss was £150.30. Donations to Theale Village Hall and Christchurch Theale were confirmed later in the meeting.

Catering report (Lesley Luke) - The day went well and made a very small profit of £7.09 on lunches and £371.23 on Teas.

Show report (Peter Drew) -The new menu holders and wooden dividers were used and worked well. There was positive feedback, comments especially were that it was easier for exhibitors to find where to put their entries. The sponsors’ names were included on the class name card as well as the first prize cards. The system worked for indicating to the treasurer when to pay £5 instead of £2. A list of sponsors was included in the schedule. Thanks to Jan and Nick for hard work with sponsorship.

Ted Hatch congratulated the committee on the improved presentation of the Show exhibits. He thought it was extremely well done.

Overall there were 100 less entries than in previous years. The judges reported that the vegetable and flower exhibits were of a high standard. Ted commented that the wet spring caused slow growth which led to some weak classes.

Jan asked if in future judges could comment on what needs to be improved in order to achieve higher results from exhibitors. It was suggested that we supply comment cards to judges next year.

Ted questioned whether the lack of late entries and only one entry per class was the reason for fewer entries. Carolyn responded that it had definitely made an impact but the advantage is that it is easier to manage.

Pete D suggested that we could return to more than one entry if we wished and Cathy B suggested that we change to a maximum of two entries instead. Nick Avery supported Cathy’s idea while Jackie Scriven said only one prize should be claimed. It was decided to discuss this again before next year’s show.

Electrics report – Phil B reported that the new system worked well. He also purchased other cables at a cost of £40. Phil asked what people thought about the new PA system. Carolyn and Ted questioned whether it was loud enough although it may have been effected by the adverse weather as people were generally keeping under cover rather than in the open and sound might have been muffled as a result. Nick asked if there was any way the dog show could have access to a sound system next year, but this might not be possible as there is no power where the show is sited. Overall electrics worked well with no hitches this year.

Site report – Dave T reported that everything went according to plan, but in future if we expect bad weather we need to put up more shelter, particularly in the bar area.

Jan A questioned whether in future some form of heating could be provided but it was generally felt there would be too many problems to overcome.

Carolyn thanked Dave for his invaluable help in erecting and transporting the marquees.  Phil B. proposed a vote of thanks to the Committee for their efforts in putting on the Show.

Dave T questioned whether everything was packed away.  P.Drew confirmed that was the case. It was noted that both the large marquee and the skittle alley are currently stored at Walton with Richard Crossman.

H & S report – There were no reported accidents on Show day.




































Comment cards Next year








Issues to note when planning next show – Undercover area for bar

Arthur Rice’s tent may not be adequate next year.

PA system

The floral demonstration was well received, thanks go to J Tincknell.

Pete D remarked that Liam gave an extended and very accomplished organ recital.

It was suggested that Judges should be rotated.

The barrier at the bottom of the drive in front of the hall needs to be more substantial next year.

The question of entry points and charging should be reviewed before next year



Donations – It was proposed that £100 should be donated to both the village hall and the church,

Nick A proposed and Mary C seconded.

David to pay Village hall and church


Thank you letters – Carolyn had written to the following friends of the Show  –

Trish and Richard Lansbury

Trev and Joyce Hunt

Jean Tincknell

Tom Willcox – music

Ken and Joan Graham

Rachel Bennett

Heather and Richard Walters

Chris and Dave Whitmarsh

Dave and Ann Bodley

Karen Fox for organising the Flower queen

Sheila B will write to Barnacle buoys and Liam and give the letter to Mary Hatch to pass on, she will also thank Janet for organising the ice creams and ensure that she is not out of pocket.

Trev Hunt has thanked Alan Willcox for the offer his car

Phil B to email thanks to the parish council

LL has thanked her helpers

PB explained that he has written to Vice presidents thanking them for their donations and support but he has not written to non- contributors.












Sheila B -write letters






PB email  PC








Wine tasting evening 12/11/16 – Going according to plan except, disappointingly,  the Wedmore News did not include the entry which was sent at the end of August so advertising has not been good. Jan A offered her help and was gratefully enrolled to help with food, Mary C was asked and agreed to run the raffle on the night.



Vice Presidents –

We will compile a master list of Vice Presidents and LL will keep it with the committee records.

PB addressed the meeting suggesting a review of the designations for groups of individuals who have in the past and or continue to support the Show. It was thought that a steering group, consisting of Chairman/ President/ Treasurer/Edwin B, to discuss and develop the ideas proposed.

It was also mentioned that a number of VPs were unhappy at receiving email invitations to lunch and it was agreed that a written invite would go out next year. Phil apologised for any upset that might have been caused.




LL to compile list






Steering group to meet


Marquee repair/upgrade – The newest marquee is in need of some repair and it is unwieldy to erect taking 8 people over an hour to both erect and dismantle. Discussion took place as to how we could cut the labour etc., without conclusion!

PB explained that he has researched the options.

Looking at tents that would be simpler to erect costing between 2 and 4 thousand pounds to buy against hiring from Barney Lee at a cost £1200 to include erecting, or a £1137 if two tents are hired. He also looked at inflatable  tents between 10 and 16 sq m £4000 to buy, £2000 to hire. Considerable discussion followed and it was agreed to commit to hiring two marquees from Barney Lee for the 2017 Show.


PB, Dave T and Edwin will meet and discuss how best to use and site the two hired marquees.  They will bring a proposal back to the first meeting in 2017.


















PB,DT and EB to meet


Correspondence – Cheddar Lions are keen to offer more financial support if we have any specific requirements.



AOB – Panborough has offered to host an Xmas meal for the committee and friends, Carolyn will get a menu in time for AGM. Propose date at end of Nov /beg Dec.

Following Trev Hunt’s email it was  proposed that we alternate between village hall and Panborough for meetings.

Liz Coulter has offered to fund a cup in honour of Pam Meadows, suggestions of a special cake award or possibly best teabread were made and the committee were very happy to take her up on her offer.

Pete Drew wanted to give advance warning that he is stepping down as show secretary at the next AGM.


CD obtain Menu


Date of AGM – 22/11/16 at 7.45 for 8.00 start in Village hall . If anyone wants to relinquish their role please let the committee know. It was suggested that we should post a notice of the AGM on the village notice board.

Date of next ordinary meeting Monday 23rd January 8.00 at the Panborough






CD to speak to Panborough



The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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