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Home Committee Committee Minutes Minutes 23rd January 2017


Theale Flower Show Committee Meeting

Minutes Monday 23rd January 2017

Present : Carolyn and Pete Drew, Lesley and David Luke ,  Jan  and Nick Avery,   Trev and Joyce Hunt, Mary Clark, Dave Tucker, Phil Butterworth, Yvonne Hutchison and Jackie Scriven

Apologies :  Adrian Hutchison, Sharon  Tucker, Edwin and Sheila Badman, Ted and Mary Hatch and Pat and Brian Jackson






Welcome and apologies for absence



Minutes of last meeting were agreed, accepted by the committee and signed by Carolyn Drew.



Matters arising-  All will be covered during the meeting




Treasurer’s update – Cheques to the value of £100 issued to the church and the village hall have both been cashed. Phil B has written a letter of thanks to the parish council for their contribution. No other points raised.









Sub committee and ad hoc committee updates:

a)      Social and catering -A small profit of £136.88 was made at the wine tasting event and everyone seemed to have an enjoyable evening.

b)      Admin – Carolyn explained that the committee has not yet met but will shortly be looking at classes and the schedule for the 2017 show. PB asked if PD could contact Cathy to begin the process of handing over the role of Show Secretary.

c)      Site – PB & EB have met to discuss size and location of tents etc. The flat part at the top of Edwin’s field can accommodate a 30 x 6 m tent (equivalent to 3 tents used previously) All exhibits could be housed in a tent of that size. Barny Lee has quoted £760 + VAT to erect the tent on Thursday & take it down on Sunday.  He also quoted for an additional smaller tent that that the committee decided was not necessary.

Yvonne voiced concerns as to whether the cost could be justified.

Pete asked if flowers would still be in church and it was agreed they would.

Jackie Scriven suggested we improve signage and it was agreed this is necessary.

Trev suggested more fund raising and PB agreed. Lesley commented that unfortunately we have difficulty getting support both from volunteers to help run events and those attending.

Further discussion resulted in agreement that teas and lunches should be kept in the village hall.

Trev H proposed that everything apart from flowers and Teas be housed in large tent and signage must be improved, Dave T seconded and committee agreed.

PB will go ahead and pay non- refundable deposit. He also pointed out that the tables will also be ordered from Barney Lee at a  cost of £400 + VAT

Nick Avery questioned whether the bar should also be hired but Dave T explained that the bar, which had been donated by Bill Woodroffe , was fine.

d)      Vice -Presidents Review – PB explained his ideas which should be brought before next AGM

1 – Appoint a true Vice president who would deputise for President and eventually take over as President.

2 – All other Vice Presidents could be renamed , in their capacity as regular donors to the Flower Show they might be called Patrons.

Those that have given their time and service over the years to the Flower show could be called/styled Honorary Vice Presidents.

3 – Introduce a new group called Friends of the Flower Show, such people would be affiliated to the show by reason of their donating a fixed sum of £5 or £10 annually , possibly entitling them to free entry to the show and reduced tickets for events organised on behalf of the show.

In order for these changes to be made the constitution would need to be changed and possibly an Extraordinary General Meeting will need to be called.


Trev questioned whether we would need to offer more as incentives for people to become “friends” and he recounted his experience in setting up the twinning association in Wedmore, including offering a regular newsletter.


Nick A felt that we need an extraordinary meeting to discuss the ideas in more detail.

Phil still keen to develop concept of “Friends” and it was felt we need an item on the agenda where people can voice their ideas.

Phil will write a paper setting out his

ideas for discussion at the next meeting.


PB felt there are 2 elements, (1) VPs and (2) Friends and it needs further discussion at another committee meeting before we invite comments from all interested persons.


Trev suggested that we produce a welcome pack for any new people who move to the village.


Carolyn closed the discussion at this point and asked that Phil come to the next meeting after circulating committee members with his proposals so that we can have a full and frank discussion at the next meeting.









PD contact CB
































PB to pay deposit































































PB to write his proposal and circulate to committee members








2017 Show

a)      Use of Venues- some discussion already about this and will continue to be reviewed.

b)      Length of day – All were happy to finish at about 8 as in previous year.

c)      Road crossing – Trev negotiated original agreement with the company we use and they are happy to continue with the same terms.

d)      Additional marquees – Not needed

e)      Staging – PB has booked with Barney Lee

f)       Electrics – PB explained main issue will be getting power to tent from church if they are agreeable. PD will speak to Molly Rossiter. Nick A questioned whether the supply from church would be adequate and he was assured that it was.

g)      Toilet Hire – One on church side as in 2016

h)      Catering – As before by Lesley Luke

i)        Bar – Hopefully Matt will run it again. Trev questioned who gets licence and it was explained that Sharon T is happy to do it.

j)        Dog Show – Nick A to organise

k)      Children’s activities – Lesley to speak to Carrie Large  about possibly organising and to Liz Coulter about running crafts again this year.

Jackie Scriven volunteered to investigate Bouncy Castle option. Nick A suggested we underwrite so that cost to paying public is not so high?

Scouts have been mentioned but they are unable to commit with summer holidays just before show.

l)        Entertainment – The Barnacle Buoys were very good and it was agreed that we ask them again as well as Tom Wilcox and the other young entertainer from previous year. Sheila to be asked to arrange, also can she organise St.John’s ambulance. DT mentioned a girl who sang at Wedmore harvest home  and Jackie volunteered to find out about her.

m)   Attractions – DT to arrange Classic cars

Mary Clark will ask Jean Tincknell if she will do flower arranging again. Could everyone give some thought to additional attractions and let Carolyn know if you have any ideas.            

Grand draw – Sharon T will be asked to organise tickets -£1 a ticket again, maybe fewer books dependent on cost?















PD to speak to Molly Rosssiter








ST -Licence




NA organise dog show

LL speak to Carrie Large and Elizabeth C



JC – Bouncy castle











SB to organise





DT – Classic cars

MC ask JT about flowers




ST draw tickets


Correspondence – Treasurer had a letter from the bank which she passed to Carolyn for action




AOB – Yvonne raised the issue of offering VP status to Edwin and Sheila. Carolyn has already spoken to them and they are happy to wait until the new structure is in place.

Trev had three items he wanted to discuss. First he proposed a vote of thanks to Dave Folland for opening the Panborough Inn specially. Secondly he is concerned that we do more fund raising and suggested a pub crawl using the community bus and an executive mini bus belonging to Steve Patch, starting at the Panborough and stopping for fish and chips, he is happy to help. Will discuss at next meeting. Thirdly Trev brought along a copy of the Theale Parish magazine from October 1913 which contains some fascinating facts!

PB suggested another fund raiser in the form of a Theale History evening.



Date of next Meeting  - Thursday 16th March at the Panborough 8.00 pm

The meeting closed at 21.21




The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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