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Home Committee Committee Minutes AGM 2015


Theale Flower Show

Minutes of the 2014 AGM

Held in Theale Village Hall Wednesday 26th November

Present: Edwin and Sheila Badman, Phil and Cathy Butterworth, David and Lesley Luke, Yvonne  Hutchison, Nick and Janet Avery, Mary Clark, Mary and Ted Hatch, Dave Tucker, Carolyn and Pete Drew, Jackie Scriven and  Pat Jackson.

Apologies: Trevor and Joyce Hunt, Sharon Tucker, Adrian Hutchison and Brian Jackson



Discussion points




Welcome and apologies

Edwin Badman thanked everyone for attending and the committee for helping to make this year a success yet again.



Election of Chairperson

Ted Hatch proposed that Carolyn Drew stand as chairman again, and Cathy Butterworth seconded, Carolyn was happy to accept the nomination.

Edwin Badman proposed Dave Tucker as Vice Chairman and Mary Clark seconded, Dave accepted the nomination.



Minutes of last AGM

The 2014 minutes were agreed and signed by Carolyn Drew




Election of Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Minutes Secretary

Treasurer - Yvonne Hutchinson, proposed by Sheila Badman, seconded Phil Butterworth

Assistant Treasurer – David Luke, proposed by Yvonne Hutchinson, seconded Nick Avery

Minutes Secretary – Lesley Luke,  proposed Carolyn Drew, seconded Janet Avery



Election of other officers and job holder

Show secretary – Pete Drew, proposed Yvonne Hutchison seconded Phil Butterworth

Social committee Chair – Lesley Luke, proposed Sheila Badman, seconded Cathy Butterworth

Sponsorship secretaries – Nick and Janet Avery, proposed Lesley Luke Seconded Cathy Butterworth

Village Hall Representative – Mary Clark, proposed Phil Butterworth, Seconded Edwin Badman.


The individuals nominated (See Minutes 2,4 and 5) were then elected en bloc




President and Vice Presidents

Edwin Badman announced that he has decided to stand down after 3 years as President  and Carolyn and the committee thanked him for his hard work and support during that time, which included some considerable changes.

Phil Butterworth accepted the nomination for president which was proposed by Edwin Badman and seconded by Mary Clark.

It was recorded with sadness that John Milton died earlier this year and Pat Parry has moved from the area and will no longer be a Vice President. The rest of the Vice Presidents were Elected en block –Proposed by David Luke seconded Nick Avery



Chairman’s Report

Chairmans’ Report – TFS Annual General Meeting 24.11.15


Paraphrasing Churchill’s well known saying ‘never has so much been achieved by so few’.  One thing the Flower Show can’t boast of is a committee bursting to the seams with young enthusiastic people but what it can boast of in shed loads is the commitment and determination of a few.


This year has seen the return of social events – we started the year with a fund raising event for the Children’s Hospice Southwest headed by the Barnacle Buoys.  Lesley and the social committee aided by volunteers catered and a hot supper was enjoyed by all who came.


In June we staged an Ascot Race Night in the Village Hall and the Orchard.  Yvonne, Mary and a team of volunteers catered for this occasion and the food was indeed fit for Royalty! Everyone came suitably attired and although the evening turned out to be rather chilly we were blessed with dry weather.  Thanks also to Phil & Cathy & Lesley for organising the race element of the evening.


Show Day – This year the game was  to get as much organised before hand as was possible to take the stress out of the last few days leading up to the show.  The Church was all set up and ready to go on Bank Holiday Monday – thanks to Matt, Pete & Tom Drew & Edwin Badman.  It was a great help this year to have many hands available on site meeting night when the first of the marquees was erected..  It is a big commitment to get all four marquees erected in three nights! My sincere thanks  to Dave Tucker, Alan Ellis, Dave Bodley, Dave Whitmarsh, Adrian Hutchison, Phil Butterworth, Ted Hatch, Edwin Badman, Nick Avery, David Luke, Arthur Rice, & (Edwin & Sheila’s campers)..  Without them there would certainly be no show.  Phil Butterworth did a grand job organising the electrics and signage as well as processing all the on line entries.  Entry Nights went well apart from a slight hiccup with the village hall booking on the Thursday night.  Some of our exhibitors thought they were entering a dance class rather than entering their prize winning produce!  Karen Fox did a marvellous job  organising our beautiful Queen and Princess, and thanks to Trev Hunt for chauffeuring them to the Show. Entries this year were up on last year which proves that exhibitors still enjoy coming along and actively participating in this traditional event, albeit a  scaled down version of the original show.  We had  more attractions for the children this year which seemed to prove popular.   The high standard of exhibits was commented on by several of the judges – thanks  to Janet & Nick Avery who work tirelessly seeking sponsors to provide additional prizes for some of our classes.   The dog show was reinstated and proved popular with local dog owners, thanks to Nick Avery for liaising with Axe Valley Vets.  Lesley & her team did a marvellous job with lunches and teas and Janet Buckley and Colin Fox & helpers kept the bacon & BBQ going as was necessary during the day. Matt Drew & Dave Tucker did a grand job manning the bar – they were such hospitable landlords that the bar ran dry and emergency supplies had to fetched!  The  evening was rounded off with music by a local guitarist followed by entertainment from the Morris Men. Lights out and everyone home by 9.30 p.m feeling totally exhausted I’m sure!  We had a good team of helpers on Sunday morning clearing up and packing away.   Thanks to Dave & Anne Bodley, Edwin & Sheila Badman and Theale Church for the use of their land & premises.



We are so very lucky to have a team of people who are not necessarily on the committee but are always willing to come & give us a hand on show day e.g Trish & Richard Lansberry, Pam Meadows, Chris & Dave Whitmarsh, Rachel & Emma Smith & Rachel Bennett to name but a few.


We rounded off the year with our Murder Mystery Night in October.  We had a great team of actors who certainly got everyone in the mood right from the very beginning.  If you weren’t of a nervous disposition prior to the evening you certainly were afterwards!  The blood curdling screams coming from the kitchen put everyone on edge! Thanks to Lesley & her team of volunteers for organising the food, Phil & Cathy Butterworth for organising the evening and running the bar, Bernard & Liz Coulter & the Tarts for providing the actors.


It has been a busy but enjoyable year and hopefully as a committee we have provided something for everyone in the village.  Thank you to the President and all the office holders for their services to the committee.  Hopefully we can take a few months off now and enjoy a well earned break before starting all over again on the 2016 show.  Sincere thanks to you, the committee for your continued dedicated effort and support. Result!


And finally I would like to say a personal thank you to everyone who has supported me in my first year as Chairman.




Treasurer’s Report

Yvonne Hutchison presented the accounts for the year, with an explanation that there are still entries outstanding - £400 receipts for hire of the tent, and two cheques have not yet been presented. (See spreadsheet at end of minutes)

Contributions from Vice Presidents are down a little this year, possibly due to some people no longer living in the area and also the sad death of others.

Social events have made over £1000 this year.

Following last year’s AGM there are now only two bank accounts.

Yvonne feels that money we have earmarked has not been used and the committee should process this as soon as possible.

It was decided that this would be raised and discussed at the next meeting.

The state of one of the marquees was mentioned and Nick Avery suggested repairing should be considered, Chris Hornidge helped with previous repair work, perhaps he could be approached again.

















Agenda item for next meeting –Purchases e.g notice boards

Dave Tucker -Review Marquee state



Theale Flower Show 2016

Ted Hatch proposed that a show take place again in 2016, and Phil Butterworth seconded the proposal.

Phil B proposed returning to a large tent show, however Carolyn stated that it was not merely a financial issue but also a manpower issue  and Yvonne stated that she still doesn’t think it is a viable proposal as we still rely on receiving donations, £300 this year. Pete Drew wanted it to be known that he was not against the idea of the large tent show if the financial and manpower resources were available.

Cathy Butterworth suggested that other village organisations might be willing to  combine efforts for a large show to celebrate something such as the Queen’s 90th birthday. After some discussion the committee agreed to aim for a large tent show for the 75th anniversary of the flower show in 2018

It was agreed that the current format be carried on in 2016.

 David and Anne Bodley are happy to allow the show to use their orchard again and the Church will be asked if they are happy to be used again.

Edwin suggested that we begin to approach other organisations with a view to combining efforts.










PB -VH to be booked for Fri, Sat and Sun of show










Ask Church permission to use it for next Show


Approach other organisations re future show


Committee structure for 2016

It was agreed to keep the same structure as 2015

Admin Comm

Chair – Carolyn Drew

Pete Drew, Helen Richardson, Phil Butterworth and Cathy Butterworth

Catering/Social Committee

Chair – Lesley Luke

Cathy Butterworth, Carolyn Drew, Yvonne Hutchison, and Sheila Badman. Mary Hatch was invited to join the committee.




a)Concessions for helpers – It was agreed that if someone helps on the day for a considerable part of the day and in some cases also the day before, they should be offered a free lunch at the discretion of Chairman.

b) Carolyn proposed that the Flower show pay for Vice Presidents lunches and not the President

The committee discussed the matter, Nick Avery suggested that the Vice Presidents make some contribution themselves but this was not agreed and it was agreed that if the incumbent President did not wish to pay for the lunch then the Flower show should cover the cost and that it would be a matter to be settled privately between the lunch organiser, the treasurer and the President at that time.











Date of Next AGM/committee meeting

Date of 2016 AGM Tuesday November 22nd at 8.00


Next committee meeting Tuesday February 16th at 8.00 in Village hall

PB -Book VH for 16/2/16

And 22/11/16














2015 Accounts:




















Income and Expenditure


















Vice presidents






Winter Supper






Murder Mystery






Race Evening






Flower Show day 2015


































































Hire Village Hall for meetings












Flower Show Day 2014






























Net Profit










































Opening Balances as at 30/11/2014












Current Account






Bonus Saver






Business Reserve












Cash in hand
























Plus net profit year ending 31 November 2014












Closing Balances as at 31 November 2015












Made up from:












Current Account






Bonus Saver






Business Reserve ( Closed Dec 2014)












Cash in hand


























The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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