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Home Committee Committee Minutes Minutes 24th Feb 2015


Theale Flower Show Committee Meeting

Minutes Tuesday 24th February 2015

Present : Carolyn and Peter Drew, Lesley and David Luke, Ted Hatch, Joyce and Trevor Hunt, Jan Avery, Mary Clark, Jackie Scriven, Sheila and Edwin Badman, Yvonne Hutchison, Pat Jackson, Cathy and Phil Butterworth

Apologies : Michaela Andrew, Nick Avery, Adrian Hutchison and Brian Jackson





Welcome and apologies for absence



Minutes of last meeting – Carolyn read out the minutes and they were agreed and Edwin Badman signed them



Matters arising Phil to arrange PAT testing

Phil B has arranged for testing in April


Sub Committee Updates

a.      Social  - Lesley Luke reported that the Winter supper had gone well although had a slow start when selling tickets.

Barnacle Buoys and supper well received. Raffle proceeds £127 and £220 profit from the evening donated to Children’s Hospice SW.

Dates for future events – Ascot/race night 6th June and Possible murder mystery night 17th Oct.

b.      Admin – Carolyn Drew Class lists sent out   

to committee for comment and the schedule will be drawn up shortly.

Jan explained that “Brewers” were unhappy about one entry per class and would also like more classes. An additional 28 classes have been added to the schedule this year, but we are still only accepting one entry per class.

Mary Clark questioned the lack of entries from children, was it due to charges for entries or because no late entries are now accepted. Trevor Hunt proposed that children’s entries are free this year, and seconded by Edwin Badman. The committee agreed.

Ted Hatch takes the view that the show needs to be more child centred to encourage attendance of both the children and their parents.














2015 Show

a)      Peter Drew has spoken to Dave Bodley about use of the Orchard and he is happy for us to use the orchard again this year. Edwin is also happy for his field to be used. Need to consult Molly about use of church and the Village Hall has been booked.

b)      Length of day –It was agreed that the day take the same format as 2014 .

Background music only for the evening and care should be taken not to order too much food for the evening. It was suggested that the Barnacle Buoys be asked to do a slot in the early evening eg 7ish, Sheila to ask them.

c)       Road crossing – It was felt that the people manning the crossing  worked well and they should be asked to do it again this year. However Jan explained that there are possibly cheaper options  and Nick would be happy to investigate. It was agreed to go with the same company again as they were very friendly and helpful. Ted Hatch suggested that a barrier should be placed at the bottom of the drive and across the church car park, to make it less likely  that anyone would run or walk straight out onto the road, and this was thought by all to be a good idea.                                         

d)      Additional Marquees -  Request use of Morris men’s marquee – Sheila B and Arthur Rice’s Marquee – David L  Trevor volunteered to ask Pete Tinney if he had a marquee which could be used for the bar.

e)      Staging – Carolyn and Yvonne have still not been able to contact Staging supplier (B 7 B Marquees) for bill payment – approximately £300 still owing.  Phil Butterworth to investigate possibly having our own staging and other  local organisations may be able to help us.

f)       Electrics – Phil happy to take charge again

g)      Toilet Hire – Burnham hire were cheapest so go with them again, hire two, one of which disabled for siting in church car park.

h)      Catering – Lesley happy  to co-ordinate catering again

i)        Bar – It was felt unfair that Matt Drew manned the bar all day on his own, next show there should be a rota of helpers. It was agreed to ask Matt if he would run the bar again this year.

j)        Dog Show – It was felt there should definitely be a show this year. Nick will contact people who ran the dog show in the past. Cathy also suggested Tony Rewston – and she will ask him if he is willing and able.

k)      Children’s activities – This was an area which was lacking in the last show and it was felt that more needs to be done to attract the children. It was suggested that Marie Johnson might be asked to organise 4 or 5 different stalls  for children possibly run by Mums? Sports were omitted last time as it was felt safety was an issue with space and numerous trees creating a danger, however it was felt that there should be sports activities and Bill Woodruff will be asked if his field could be used. It was also suggested that Bernard be asked again  to put on a Punch and Judy show, with a definite time slot etc. this time, - Yvonne to ask him. It was felt that the bouncy castle should not be invited back. Gate entries was also raised – there should be no increase in charge but Yvonne stated that we must ensure everyone pays.

l)        Entertainment -It was thought that the Barnacle Buoys should be asked to play at about 7 o’clock. For daytime entertainment Yvonne will find out about Wells City Band, costs etc. and Trevor will research Clifton Jazz Band as another possibility.

m)    Attractions – Ted felt that there had not been enough floral display in the church and suggested that there might be a flower arranging demonstration, Jan will enquire at the Wells society of flower arranging . Ted asked if it was felt that the big dig should happen again and everyone was in favour, he also felt that there should be an attraction such as a magician in the children’s tent – Bernard hopefully will fulfil that role.

Liam will be asked to play again.

Carolyn will ask Dave if he can organise vintage vehicles.

Phil suggested a chain saw sculptor and he will investigate.

PA system – Phil to ask Steve Patch and Duncan or Adrian to do announcing.

n)      Other – Prizes to be given out at 5 o’clock and it should be clearly stated in the schedule/programme

First Aid – Sheila to organise between 2 and 8

Licence – Sharon Tucker to be asked, if unable Nick Avery

Make sure times for entries is clearly stated.

Car parking signs – Phil to get some more signs

Advertising signs – Phil to get quote

Schedule – Ted pointed out that there was no Lemon Curd entry. It had been omitted due to lack of interest.

Raffle tickets should be printed again in time for Wedmore Street Fair – Sat 4th July

Any more ideas to Carolyn before next meeting.





Molly to be asked about use of Church for show – P.D. to speak to her.







Sheila Badman to ask  Barnacle Buoys to do a slot








Nick Avery to investigate cheaper alternatives



Phil to inestigate a safety barrier for bottom of drive and church car park



Sheila B – Morris Men’s Marquee

David Luke – Arthur Rice

Trevor Hunt – Pete Tinney






Phil  to investigate staging




Carolyn to arrange hire of toilets





Carolyn to ask Matt if he will do the bar again




Nick A to contact dog show people


Cathy to talk to Tony






CD to ask Marie Johnson  to organise stalls




P.D. and D.T. to contact Bill Woodruff about his field






Yvonne to ask Bernard





A system should be devised to ensure all gate entries are paid.


Sheila to contact Barnacle Buoys

Yvonne – Wells city Band

Trevor- Clifton Jazz Band






Jan to ask Wells Flower arranging society






Liam to be asked to play organ

Carolyn to speak to Dave re vintage vehicles

Phil – Chainsaw sculptor, Steve Patch and Duncan or Adrian



Carolyn Prize giving time in Schedule

Sheila – Organise First Aid


Sharon Tucker to be asked about licence C.D.




Phil – Signs




Raffle Tickets printing, CD to ask Sharon Tucker to organise


Correspondence – Carolyn received letter from Bayer regarding stationary but not interested as too expensive and not appropriate.




Any Other Business Phil asked if there are any changes for insurance and he will arrange, there are no changes.

Phil - insurance


Date of next meeting    Tuesday 28th April 8.00 Village Hall. Meeting closed at 9.25p.m.

Phil to check availability of village hall.



The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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