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Home Committee Committee Minutes Minutes 12th August 2014





Present:  Nick Avery, Edwin & Sheila Badman, Phil Butterworth, Mary Clark, Carolyn & Pete Drew, Ted Hatch, Trevor & Joyce Hunt, Lesley Luke, Dave Tucker


Apologies: Michaela Andrew, Janet Avery, Mary Hatch, Yvonne & Adrian Hutchison, Pat & Brian Jackson, David Luke, Jackie Scriven


Trevor Hunt noted that he and Joyce had not attended meetings or sent “apologies” recently as they had been omitted from the circulation list.  This problem has now been rectified.


Edwin Badman chaired the meeting in the absence of Michaela Andrew.

1.       Welcome & apologies for absence

EB welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked everyone for attending.


2.       Approve the minutes of the last meeting

Action points from the previous meeting were highlighted.  The minutes were agreed and signed by EB.


3.       Matters Arising

A spreadsheet from the skittles evening is still required from MA. This needs to be given to the Treasurer a.s.a.p.

MA to create spreadsheet for the skittles evening

4.       Theale Flower Show 2014

a)      Catering

LL reported that all was in hand with the catering.  Additional fridges are required. NA agreed to locate them.  Trevor & Joyce Hunt offered to help for half an hour each serving teas.  Judges numbers were given to Lesley.  EB will advise V.P.’s numbers as soon as possible.  All hands required for washing up.  Additional help would be appreciated.

b)      Toilets

2 Event Cubicles have been booked with Burnham Toilet Hire at a cost of £120 + VAT.

c)       P A System

DT has booked Steve Patch

d)      Children’s Sports

Sam and Martin Winter are prepared to run the sports.  It is also possible that Craig Scriven will be available.

e)      Bouncy Castle

The carnival club have been out to look at the site.  It is likely that they will use the top of the orchard.  They will require an electric plug in. Barry Payne has been approached regarding roundabouts.  DT will follow up.

f)       Wrist Bands

No further communication from Jackie or Jason Scriven.  It was agreed that CD order sufficient wrist bands for this event.

g)      Signs

DT has cleaned up the village signs – these will need to be painted. He will e-mail the committee with a suitable date.

Phil Butterworth has agreed to resource large signs for the exhibit marquees.  He has also agreed to produce a handout (site plan) for use on the day.

h)      Ice Creams

SB will organise someone to do this.



i)        Floats

It was agreed that the following floats would be required:-



Prize Money


Ice Creams


Raffle Tickets


CD will give the Treasurer a breakdown

j)        Site Meeting

A site meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Monday 1st September meeting at the village hall.  It would be helpful if as many committee as possible could attend.

At the moment it is intended that the bar is located in the shed at the back of the village hall.  NA will check stock of plastic cups and let CD know. MA to approach Charlie to see if he would be prepared to sponsor a barrel of beer again this year.



Additional Show Items not covered by the Agenda

Flower Queen

Trevor Hunt has kindly offered the use of his MG for the transportation of the Flower Queen from the Panborough Inn to the show field.

Mowing of Grass for Show Day

Dave Bodley has kindly been keeping this cut and will continue to do so  until Show Day

Show Day Music

Michael Gillett has spoken to PB and it is possible that for an extra £30 he would be able to supply someone to take charge of the bands.  The committee felt that this would be good value bringing the total musical entertainment bill to £100.

Bunting across the road

The committee felt that this would be a good idea and would draw attention to the new location.

Late Entries

The committee agreed to reserve a table for late entries of all kinds. It was suggested that the public vote for the best late entry.


Organ music in the Church

Liam Davies has kindly agreed to play the organ during the afternoon.

Road Crossing

NA agreed to check with the Parish Council to see what road signs would be available. The committee felt that a risk assessment would be required for the period from 8 a.m. – 12 noon.  PD & PB agreed to draft the assessment and MA would be asked to sign it as chair.

Evening BBQ

It was agreed to cater for approx 250 people.

Papering of Tables

Helpers will be required on Friday morning for papering tables.

NA to locate fridges.


EB to advise V.P numbers.


Additional help required.









DT to follow up bouncy castle and roundabouts



CD to order wrist bands


DT to e-mail committee with date

PB to resource large signs & produce handout


SB to find someone for icecreams



CD to give breakdown of floats to Treas.








Site Meeting



NA to check stock of plastic cups


MA to approach Charlie re beer


























NA to check with PC re road signs


PD & PB to draft Risk Assessment



Helpers req’d for papering tables

5.       Correspondence

No correspondence received since the previous meeting


6.       Any other business

DT advised that the skittle alley had been rented out for £100

also, one of the marquees had been loaned to Helen Richardson for her son’s wedding at no charge.


7.       Date of the next meeting

The site meeting will be held on Monday 1st September 2014 at 7 p.m. meeting  at the Village Hall.

The next full committee meeting will be held at the Panborough Inn on Tuesday 7th October 2014 at 8 p.m.


The meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.

Site Meeting

01.09.14 at 7 p.m.


Next full meeting 7.10.14 at 8 p.m.

CD to book Panborough




The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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