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Home Committee Committee Minutes TFS Minutes 16th July





Present:  Michaela Andrew, Janet Avery, Edwin & Sheila Badman, Phil Butterworth, Mary Clark, Carolyn Drew, Ted Hatch, David & Leslie Luke, Yvonne Hutchison.


Apologies:  Nick Avery, Vanessa Becker Hughes, Pete Drew, Mary Hatch, Pat & Brian Jackson, Jackie Scriven.


1.      Welcome & apologies for absence

MA welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them all for attending.


2.      Approve the minutes of the last meeting

Action points from the previous meeting were highlighted.

The minutes were agreed and signed by MA


3.      Matters Arising

There were no matters arising that were not covered in the Agenda or under item 2 above.


4.      Update from the Social Sub Committee

MA to create a spreadsheet for the skittles evening and give to the Treasurer.

SB to check whether she has written to Trevor Hunt thanking him for organising the quiz evening.

a)      Street Fair

£153.20 was raised from the sale of raffle tickets.  Approx 400 Flower Show Schedules were handed out.  Thanks to all who helped set up and run the stall on the day.

MA to create spreadsheet for skittles evening


SB to check on letter to Trevor Hunt

5.      Update from the Catering Sub Committee

a)      Arrangements for Show Day Catering

 Vice Presidents invitations have been prepared and are in the process of being sent out.  The number of V.P’s attending the lunch will be known by mid August. EB will give the numbers to Leslie.

CD will give the number of judges requiring lunch to Leslie by mid August.

The committee agreed that there will be no free lunches given out this year.  Anyone on the committee requiring a meal must book with Leslie in advance and will be charged at cost.

EB confirmed that the Village Hall is free on the Thursday and Friday prior to the show and on the Sunday after.

Leslie will require additional fridges for use on the day CD will check with Dave Tucker as to the availability.

Helpers will be needed on the day – PB will make an appeal on the website. 

Leslie will organise decorating the hall.  Vanessa Becker Hughes has agreed to do the table decorations.

EB to give Leslie V.P. numbers


CD to give Leslie judges numbers





CD to check with DT re fridges

PB to request help on the website

6.      Update from the Admin Sub Committee

a)      Schedules

1500 schedules have been produced and printed at a cost of £180.  Approx 400 were given out at the Street Fair.  Schedules so far have been placed in Wedmore Post Office, Wedmore Paper Shop, Nethercott Nurseries, Panborough Inn, Sweets Tea Rooms, and Oaklands Garden Centre in Street.  Janet and Nick Avery are going to circulate schedules to the sponsors.  Schedules were available at the meeting for the committee to take and place where appropriate.  It is hoped to circulate to the village with the August Isle of Wedmore News.

b)      Judges

Judges have been booked.  Lunch numbers to be given to LL by mid August.

c)      Vice Presidents Invitation Letters

These have been produced and given to Edwin Badman for signature and sending.

d)      Website

PB confirmed that the website has been updated to include Ted’s Potato Competition. A feature on the new location of the show and an appeal for helpers will be added.






J & N Avery to give schedules to sponsors

LL to arrange circulation with I.O.W.N





EB to send VP letters

PB to add appeal for helpers & change of location

7.      Update from Treasurer

a)      Proceeds from Street Fair

As already minuted the proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets was £153.20.

b)      Nat West Bank Accounts

A letter had been received from Nat West advising that they are stopping the Bonus Saver Account w.e.f. 13th September.  Last year £47.64 was added to the account in interest.  As interest rates are poor at the moment, the committee agreed to leave the accounts as they stand until after the show this year and to reconsider the finances at the AGM in November.




Committee to reconsider the finances at the AGM

8.      Theale Flower Show 2014

a)      Additional Staging and 12 extra tables – additional chairs?

500’ of staging and 12 tables have been booked from B&B.

The committee agreed to use benches rather than order additional chairs. PB will find out from DT where they are.

b)      Additional Toilets

EB will contact Yeovil Hire Company and CD will contact Burnham Toilet Hire for quotes.  It was agreed to book the cheapest.

c)      PA System

At the last meeting Dave Tucker agreed to speak to Steve Patch.

d)      Children’s Sports

Duncan Craig is not prepared to run the sports this year.

MA will speak to Sam & Martin Winter and Cathy Woodroffe to ask if they would be prepared to help with this.

e)      Bouncy Castle

Dave Tucker agreed to sort this at the last meeting.

f)       Village Hall availability

EB confirmed that the village hall is available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of show weekend.

g)      Road crossing

It was confirmed that the road crossing company would be responsible from 12 – 6 p.m.  EB informed the committee that he had received an anonymous donation to help towards the cost of this.  The committee asked Edwin to express their thanks to the donor.

h)      Entry wrist bands

Jason Scriven to check the caravan for any left over from previous years.

i)        Parking attendants

Trish and Richard Lansberry and Pam Meadows are happy to help with this. The security team may be able to help also.  A one way system will operate entering via Northload lane and exiting from Garden End Farm drive.  Signs are required.  PB offered to organise signs for the show field.  CD to ask Dave Tucker about village signs.

j)        Location of tombola, bands and bar

It was agreed that if possible, the children’s exhibit marquee, together with the tombola, bands and bar be located in the orchard behind the village hall.  PB agreed to organise festoon lighting for the orchard and sort out other electrical issues with PD.

k)      Location of vintage cars/tractors

It was agreed to locate these below the churchyard.

l)        Ice-Creams

Sheila Badman will ask Janet Bucknell if she could organise this.

m)   Parking for exhibit entries

This will be located in Edwin Badman’s home ground.


St John’s Ambulance has been booked from 2 – 10 p.m.

PD will take time off work to organise staging for the church.

SB advised that the congregation are delighted that we are using the Church to stage the flowers.  They are hoping that Liam Davies will play the organ for part of the afternoon.



PB to talk to DT re benches



EB & CD to obtain quotes


DT to speak to Steve Patch


MA to make enquiries re sports


DT to sort Bouncy Castle










Jason Scriven to check caravan for wrist bands


PB to organise signs for show field.

CD to ask DT about village signs.


PB & PD to sort electrical issues





SB to ask JB to help with ice-creams

9.      Correspondence

No correspondence had been received.


10.  Any other business

It was agreed that the committee should wear yellow tabards on the day for easy recognition.

It was agreed that a gazebo should be used for cups, sponsor prizes and selling raffle tickets.

It was suggested that fliers be given out on the day with a map showing the location of things.  PB may be able to organise this.

Edwin Badman has offered “slow” signs and cones for the morning whilst exhibitors are staging exhibits.  It is possible that two of his campers – Mark Mitchell and Dave might help with road crossing in the morning.

It was suggested that the Flower Queen set off from the Panborough Inn.

Bernard Coulter will come with Punch and Judy free of charge if he is available on the day.


11.  Date of the next meeting

Date of the next meeting Tuesday 12th August at 8 p.m. at the Panborough Inn.


Date for the Diary.  There will be a site meeting on Monday 1st September at 7 p.m. meeting at the village hall.




The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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