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Home Committee Committee Minutes TFS Minutes 5th March 2014






Present:  Ted Hatch, Lesley & David Luke, Sheila & Edwin Badman (Chair), Pat Jackson, Dave Tucker, Yvonne Hutchison, Carolyn Drew.


Apologies: Pete Drew, Michaela Andrew, Brian Jackson, Adrian Hutchison, Helen Richardson, Mary Clark


1.      Welcome & Apologies for Absence

EB welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending.


2.      Approve the minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 22.01.14 were read out to the meeting, agreed and signed by EB.


3.      Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.


4.      Update from the Social Sub-Committee

No report had been received from MA.  It was believed that approx 28 people attended the event.  The winner of the men’s title went to Edwin Badman, and the winner of the ladies to Rachael Rousell.  SB will make contact with last years’ winner regarding the return of the shield.  Panborough did an excellent job with the food and it was agreed that we send them a letter of thanks.


It was suggested that we hold a Quiz Evening on May 16th at the Village Hall.  LL will make contact with MA re the organisation.  LL is happy to do the catering.


SB to contact last years’ shield winner.


CD to write letter of thanks to Panborough.


LL to contact MA re organising the Quiz evening

5.      Update from the Admin Sub-Committee

The class lists have been reduced and revised and a copy given to Nick Avery for sponsor prize allocation.

The draft schedule has been reduced to three pages in order to reduce printing costs. 

A suggested plan of how & where exhibits might be staged this year was given to the committee:

Flowers and flower arrangements – Christ Church Theale. Children’s exhibits  - TFS small marquee.

Fruit, vegetables, wine and cider - TFS 2nd marquee.

Preserves, baking, handicrafts, art and photos in a small hired marquee possibly from B&B, together with the bar and tombola.

 Lunches and teas in the village hall.

Trestles for staging will still need to be hired.  There are enough chairs in the village hall to cater for lunches and teas.  The wooden benches currently stored at Mary Sproats can be used for outside seating.

A revised estimate of savings was also given to the committee – the bottom line being that a saving of approx £1650 could be made if this model is adopted.

In view of the site arrangements this year there will be no late entries taken on the morning of the show.  Entry nights will take place on Wednesday and Thursday evenings prior to show as usual at the Panborough.  This will be made clear in the schedule.

DT suggested that we should consider the possibility of using Dave Bodley’s orchard.  If Dave was in agreement this would considerably cut down on the amount of work involved in putting on the show and would also eliminate some of the road crossings.  EB & DT agreed to meet with Dave Bodley.  They will report back at the next meeting.  It was also suggested that Bill Woodruff may allow us use of his orchard if we need additional space.

EB would be happy to use his grounds for car parking.



























DT & EB to meet with Dave Bodley and report back at next meeting



6.      Theale Flower Show 2014

a)      Update on road closure/safe crossing

No report had been received from Nick Avery.  EB advised that the outcome of Nick’s investigations was that a local company would provide 2 stewards on the crossing for the duration of the show – approx 6 hours.  They would provide all signage and the liability would be with them.  The cost of this would be approx £300.  The committee felt this was a good investment.

b)     Use of marquees

This was covered under the Admin update.  EB and DL know of two smaller marquees that might be available for loan.  They will make enquiries regarding size and cost of hire and let CD know a.s.a.p.

c)      Programme of events during the day

In view of the site arrangements it was suggested that arm bands be issued at time of entry to either the village hall or the church.  CD will contact Rachel Bennett to see if any were left over from previous years.

EB would like the day to begin with a lunch. 

The show will open as usual at 2 p.m. 

It was suggested that we approach Michael Gillett to see if he would be prepared to provide music throughout the day instead of hiring the usual Jazz Band.  CD agreed to speak with him.

The children’s sports will continue as usual.

It was suggested that the presentation of cups take place at 5 p.m.

Sharon Tucker will organise a license for Show Day once the venue has been finalised.

It was agreed that the day will continue through in the same format as last year.  The committee will arrange to run the bar and provide BBQ food during the evening, with background music if necessary.

St John’s Ambulance has been booked.  The committee are unsure what the difference in cover is between having a first aider with equipment on site and the ambulance.  SB will make enquiries.












EB & DL to enquire re: small hire marquees & let CD know a.s.a.p


CD to contact Rachel Bennett re arm bands




CD to approach Michael Gillett re all day music





ST to organise license once venue agreed




SB to contact St John’s re difference in cover

7.      Correspondence

A letter was read out from Sanders Garden World inviting all members to a charity event for Marie Curie Cancer Care on March 31st from 7 – 9 p.m.  The theme of the evening is a Gardener’s Question Time Cheese and Wine.  Tickets are available online via the website at or from the tills at the garden centre


8.      Any other business

Ted Hatch has written to all major vegetable exhibitors giving details of his idea for a special class.  The idea is to see how many potatoes you can grow in 25 litres of soil.  He suggested that the class is called the Chairman’s Potato Challenge.  This will be judged separately during the afternoon.  It was agreed that the prize will be £5.  Ted will find someone to judge the class.

It was agreed that a note is placed in the schedule explaining the reasons behind scaling down the show this year. It was also agreed to write an article for the Isle of Wedmore News July edition explaining the format for this year and the reasons behind it.  LL will write the article.

Ted Hatch will place the plastic bean from the Pantomime outside the village hall entrance on Show Day for decoration.



TH to find judge for special class




Note in schedule re reasons for scaling down.

LL to write article for IoWN July edition

TH to arrange for plastic bean to be placed outside VH


9.      Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th April 2014 8 p.m. at the Panborough Inn.  CD will book the Panborough.


The meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.

CD to book Panborough for 8.4.14.



The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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