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Home Committee Committee Minutes TFS Minutes 22nd Jan 2014





Present: Sheila & Edwin Badman (President), Janet & Nick Avery, David Luke, Peter & Carolyn Drew, Michaela Andrew (Chair) Yvonne Hutchison, Ted Hatch


Apologies: Marie Johnson, Vanessa Becker-Hughes, Mary Clark, Adrian Hutchison, Helen Richardson, Joyce & Trevor Hunt


The Minutes of the meeting held on 9th October 2013 were agreed and signed by MA. There were no matters arising


1.     Update on Nominations for Vice Presidents

EB advised that Hilary & Peter Stirling were happy to accept our invitation to become Vice-Presidents. MA made the proposal that they become Vice-Presidents and EB seconded – all were in favour.


2.     2014 Show

a)     Consider fund raising and cost saving options to maintain the large marquee

The committee considered various ideas to support the cost of maintaining the large show marquee.  The conclusion was that in view of the economic climate and the lack of manpower we would be unable to sustain what would amount to putting on at least one fundraising event per month to raise the amount of revenue required.

b)    Alternatives to the large marquee

A suggestion put forward at the AGM was that instead of hiring the show marquee, we use the village hall for refreshments, evening event and toilets, the church for floral arrangements and plants, our own marquees for children’s exhibits and fruit and vegetable exhibits and hire a small marquee for cooking and handicraft exhibits.  EB would kindly allow us the use of his home grounds to accommodate car parking, dog show, bar, and other outside attractions. 

The main road remains the main hazard with this idea. PD has taken advice from a Health & Safety Officer and has carried out a Risk Assessment this was read out to the committee.  We are expected to make “reasonable adjustments” to mitigate the risks and should aim to reduce the risks to the background level associated with any large event held in the village hall.  This could be achieved by having extra toilets in the show field to alleviate additional crossings.  The committee felt that the best possible option would be to apply for road closure during the afternoon. NA & EB will make enquiries before the next meeting.

Since the last meeting, PD,CD & EB have met with the Church Stewards.  They are very supportive of our idea to use the church for floral and plant exhibits. We would be able to have access during the previous week to erect staging. EB has obtained a quote for staging of approx £200 for 100 ft. The church would be happy for us to use the side gate which would help keep people off the road.  Their request is that we keep food and drink out of the church and clear everything in time for the Sunday morning service.  It was suggested that we have a steward on duty at the entrance of the church during the day. A donation would be made to the church after the show.

NA advised that Roger Wilkins and Trevor Prideaux would be happy to make a donation to the show to sponsor a specific item.  NA will approach Roger and ask if he would be happy to make a contribution towards the cost of the staging and Trevor to ask if he would contribute a barrel of beer on Show Day.

CD has agreed to contact B&B Marquees to cancel the provisional booking of the show marquee.  It was agreed that we ask for a quote on a smaller tent, given our budget of £500.  CD will also obtain a quote for staging.

It was suggested that in order to minimise the amount of people crossing the road we consider serving teas in the field.  Although this would alleviate the problem of the road it would incur additional cost in providing water and electricity and possibly another small marquee.  A decision on this will be made at the next meeting.

























NA & EB to make enquiries regarding road closure on show day


















NA to approach Roger Wilkins and Trevor Prideaux


CD to contact B&B Marquees re cancelling provisional booking of show marquee and quotes for staging and smaller tent


Decision required at the next meeting on where teas will be served

3.     Sub-committee Updates

a)     Catering Sub-Committee

A skittles evening has been arranged for Friday 21st February at the Panborough Inn.  PD will photocopy fliers for LL and these will be sent out with the Isle of Wedmore News.  Panborough are providing food at a cost of £3.50 per head.

b)    Social Sub-Committee

MA is keen to organise an event to attract new people to the Flower Show.  She has agreed to “rally” the young people and organise a daytime event during the summer.  She will report back at the next meeting.

c)     Admin Sub-Committee

Work will need to be started on the schedule.  The number of classes will have to be significantly reduced in order to fit the staging available.  It was suggested that we pick out the most popular classes.  CD proposed that in order to cut costs, the schedule is reduced to a more manageable size by excluding the advertisements.  (Last year the money received from the advertisers only just covered the amount of extra pages they required). NA suggested that the advertisers be approached to become sponsors instead.  A letter will be sent out to them once a draft schedule has been produced.  Draft schedule to be available by the next meeting.

SB will book the St John’s Ambulance for Show Day

PD to photocopy fliers.  LL to arrange distribution with the Isle of Wedmore News


MA to “rally” young people and bring suggestions of a Summer event to the next meeting.



Draft schedule required by the next meeting








SB to book St John’s Ambulance

4.     Appoint Chair of Field Sub-Committee

No one at the meeting was willing to take on this role.  CD agreed to contact Sharon Tucker to see if she would be happy to help with some of the organising but the co-ordinating would be covered by the Admin Sub-Committee.


CD to contact Sharon Tucker regarding help with Field activities.

5.     Correspondence

No correspondence had been received.  CD has written a letter of thanks to Joe Peace.


6.     Any other business

Ted Hatch suggested another class idea – to see how many potatoes could be grown in a 25 litre pot.  It was agreed that this would have to be staged outside and judged by someone other than the official vegetable judge. 


7.     Date of Next Meeting

The next full committee meeting will be held on Wednesday 5th March 2014 at the Panborough Inn. CD will book the Panborough Inn.


The meeting closed at 9.30 p.m.

CD to book Panborough Inn for 5.3.2014



The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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