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Home Committee Committee Minutes TFS Minutes 1st May 2013





Present:  Yvonne Hutchison, Mary Clark, Pat Jackson, Jeanette Mapstone, Janet & Nick Avery, Lesley & David Luke, Matt & Aimee Drew, Michaela Andrew (Chair) Carolyn & Pete Drew, Sharon & Dave Tucker & Sheila & Edwin Badman


Apologies:  Phil & Cathy Butterworth, Vanessa Becker-Hughes, Brian Jackson, Trevor & Joyce Hunt, Ted & Mary Hatch  & Helen Richardson



1.      Update from the Social,Catering & Publicity Sub-Committee:

The committee had met at the Panborough on 09.04.13.  NA gave the following update.


Street Fair 6th July 2013 - Nick Avery advised that the committee were short of helpers.  In addition to those who had already volunteered further offers of help were received from

HR, MA, SB, MH, ST, JM and DL. The pitch has been booked and will be sited in Gould’s yard. DT agreed to set up and dismantle the alley.

Summer Event – YH & MH have kindly offered to provide a 3 course meal with a bottle of wine per table for £15 per head. The venue will be the village hall with the flower show marquee in Dave Bodley’s orchard. The theme will be red, white & blue to link in with the Coronation.  Nick Avery agreed to e-mail supporters of the show to gauge response before a final decision is made on whether to go ahead or not. It was agreed that the President, Chair, and the 3 Vice Chairs will make the final decision.

Quiz Night – YH advised that the quiz night had raised £332.40 for show funds.












NA to e-mail to gauge support for Summer Event

2.      Update from the Administration Sub-Committee:

The committee had met at Laurel Farm on 17.03.13. CD gave the following update.


Insurance – Employer’s and Public Liability in place.  PB holds the certificate

Website – PB will continue to monitor the website

Show Day Schedule – The schedule will be available for the Street Fair.  In order to achieve this, the final date for decisions on content is 14th May. CB is obtaining a quote for a quality print job if not the printing will be done by PD as last year. The print run will be 1000 copies. The class lists have been revised – parish classes have been removed this year and a parish competition will be run within the open classes.  The competition cups have been reallocated to reflect the changes.  It was agreed to keep the current price of £2 entry to the field with under 16s free. CD has written to the advertisers and invited them to produce fresh artwork if required. Mae Ellis won class 50 last year and will provide the front cover.  The list of vice-presidents has been updated.  The list of committee members (on the back page) will be renamed “useful contacts”.

Show Day – A separate area has been requested for admin & hospitality.  The field sub-committee are aware of the request.

Computerised Entry System – PD,CD, PB & CB are meeting on 05.05.13 to look at producing better quality prize cards and functionality for the new class lists and re-designation of cups.

Business Plan – A business plan has been placed on the TFS website.

A list of “outstandings” was circulated to the meeting and these will be dealt with by the various sub-committees. Responses to these items should be made to the Admin sub committee by 14th May.

























PD,CD,PB,CB meeting 5.5.13

NA & MD to provide Admin with info needed for Schedule

3.      Update from the Field Sub-Committee

The committee met at the Panborough on 27.03.13. MD gave the following update.


Show Day Field – EB confirmed that weather permitting the show will be held in the field next to the play area.

Marquee – booked, needs confirmation. It was suggested that we request an additional “add on” for admin/hospitality use.

Generator, toilets, Chillyhire & skip also booked.

Electrics – PD to organise

St John’s Ambulance – SB has booked them for the day. CD will contact them to arrange evening cover.

Dog Show – Axe Valley Vets are unable to run the dog show this year. MD is waiting for a reply from Becky & Alice who might be prepared to organise this. NA suggested approaching the lady from Pawsability.    

Vintage Tractors – DT to organise

Trade Stalls – ST to organise.

Licensed bar – MD to order tins of lager & cider, real ale kegs along with wine, spirits and soft drinks. Snacks will be available

Evening Entertainment – MD to approach Michael Gillett who might be able to provide some evening entertainment. MD to provide PA system with IPOD if necessary

Site plan – MD will produce site plan nearer the time




MD to chase marquee confirmation


CD to contact

St Johns




MD to follow up contacts

for dog show






MD to approach MG

4.      Any other business

Useful Contacts List – It was suggested to add a contact number for anyone who would like to become involved with the show either as a committee member or helper on the day.

Surplus Produce – It was suggested that a table is provided for exhibitors who bring surplus produce.  This could then be sold to the public during the afternoon.                                              


5.      Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting is Wednesday 7th August 2013 8 p.m. at the Panborough.

Apologies were received from David and Lesley Luke who will be away on holiday.



6.      Closure of Meeting

The meeting closed at 9.20 p.m.




The 2019 Theale Flower Show is on Saturday 1st September 2018
to go! Time flies....

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