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Advance Care Planning for older people in care homes: a dignified approach to care

To be supported at all times as we would want when we are unable to manage for ourselves is the epitome of dignity.

All of us have our own wishes and preferences about the way we live and what is important to us. For older people in care homes there may be times when they are not able to say how they want to be supported. 

A presentation given on this subject at the Dignity Challenge for Care Homes Conference on 3rd April in the Cavendish Centre, London W1 is available by contacting us through this site.

An advance care plan may enable staff to care for people in the way they want at all times, especially at the end of their lives. For example, some people may view the process of resuscitation as undignified and may wish to make an advance decision to refuse this treatment.

Other people may think the ‘tubes’ associated with artificial nutrition and hydration are undignified and may wish to refuse this in advance. For others there may be features of the way they dress or present themselves in public, which help to maintain their self esteem and dignity.

If these wishes and preferences are recorded in advance, then staff can support people as they would want at all times, even if they are unable to express their wishes or manage the processes for themselves and their dignity can be maintained. The presentation will give a brief overview of a research project which explored the use of advance care planning (ACP) in care homes for older people.

The study was funded by The Nuffield Foundation and commissioned by Counsel and Care in partnership with Lancaster University and the University of the West of England. The research examined ACP in care homes in two regions in England. A report of the research study will be available from

Also part of the project was the production of a Good Practice Guide for Advance Care Planning for Care Homes for Older People which you can read more about by following the ACP Publications link in the menu or by clicking here.

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