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Advance care planning (ACP) allows older people to regain some control over the future, by helping to ensure that they receive support and care in accordance with their wishes. An advance care plan can be an important way to ensure dignity in later lifeAs a staff member in a care home, you need to be knowledgeable, skilled and confident about discussing this vital issue with your residents.

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Many practitioners and care home staff have already downloaded the learning pack, and it’s been trialled by staff in eight care homes across the UK. Their feedback is overwhelmingly positive:

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What is ‘Advance Care Planning’?

None of us know what the future holds.  None of us know if or when we will need the support of others.

What is a certainty is that if that need arises, we would all like to be supported according to our wishes and preferences. It therefore follows that if carers, be they professionals or not, know what our wishes and preferences are, then there is a greater likelihood that we will be supported at all times as we would like, even if we are unable to say. This requires people to think about, discuss and then record their wishes, so that relevant carers know at all times these wishes and preferences. 

This is the process of ‘advance care planning’ (ACP). 

ACP is usually associated with End of Life Care. However, in care homes for older people there may be times other than at the end of life when a resident is not able to express their wishes and if an advance care plan has been recorded, this can help staff know how the person would like to be supported. So an advance care plan can aid a person’s dignity if they are cared for as they would like and it can enhance their sense of control over their lives. Many residents in care homes will need some support from staff to complete an advance care plan.

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